Jared Smalls 6’4 2022 Royal Knights- Jared is a young and developing big that shows some good upside. The best thing that Jared has going for him is the things that you can’t teach. Jared has long arms, a solid build, and athleticism. With continues skill work Jared could develop into a very productive young big.

Jaden Cooper 5’6 2022 Jayhawks Elite- Jaden has every part of a skill set that you like to see in a player. He can dribble, pass, shoot, and plays with a lot of dog in him. At this point you can only hope that Jaden gets some more size on him as the years go on. If he does you will be seeing his name on a lot of college radars.

Jakwon Moore 6’4 2022 Team United Elite- A very long and athletic young combo forward who gets the job done. Possesses great length and athleticism for his age along with a skill set that extends out 15-17 feet. He utilized the catch, rip, and go as well as anybody I have seen for his age. With more development in his jump shot he could turn into a really nice player.

Jerec Thompson 6’1 2022 Mid State Magic- SHOOTER! Jerec proved yesterday that he can go and get a bucket with the best of them. He shoots the ball at an extremely high level off the catch. Jerec also uses shot fakes and jab steps to be able to get the defenders off him enough to get his shot off on the bounce. He’s a very skilled young shooting guard I look to keep developing.

Christopher Brandon 6’2 2022 Capital City Pacers- Christopher showed that his game is about getting buckets plain and simple. When he decided he wanted to put his head down and get to the basket there was nobody in the gym who could stop him. He used his blend of strength, athleticism, and craftiness to create a lot of buckets for his Capital City team.