Friday April 26th

2019 Phenom Challenge Spartanburg SC, Chapman HS 710pm

Gm #1 Ct. 1 U15 B-Maze Elite MVP #4 Jakobi Gillespie 14 pts. 10 asst. combo guard super hustler leads his team with effort dribble-drive penetration nice mid-range game vs. U15 Team Unleashed South Carolina MVP #2 Jerrill Sanders 11pts. 7ebs. Was a perfect complimentary player leading his team B-Maze Elite w/ fast-paced style pass and shoot basketball proves to be too much for Team Unleashed SC

Gm 2 Ct. 1 Chapman HS Spartanburg SC 820 pm U16 Carolina Warriors vs. United Elite Spartans

Up and down game with balanced scoring good game back and forth deuce game see-saw   Warriors #0 Oliver O’Brien glue guy played hard on both ends strong finishing at the basket extra pass maker and total team ball strong performances from double-double guy and #1 Alec Edens “Jeremy Lin NY Knicks” type player same energy and playmaking ability

United Elite Spartans scrappy full-court defenders whose defense turns into the majority of their offense #11 Cameron Warren is the catalyst for the Spartans on both ends of the floor complete handles dribble drive decent long-range shot

Game 3 U 16  920 pm Ct. 1 Chapman HS Spartanburg SC  Charlotte Nets McClary grind it out team with athletes that play hard on both ends of the floor vs. Upward Stars Pee Dee going in on it early tight game good athletes evenly matched Upward Stars good program with hardnosed players well coached

Saturday April 27th

2019 Phenom Challenge Chapman HS Game 1 Court 1  B-Maze out of Tennessee is the best all-around team I’ve seen at the Phenom Challenge Chapman HS U15 {3 running clock games in a row}! e.g. – passes unselfish on offense and defense #0 Terrance Dorsey leads very talented team.

U15 team out of Wilmington NC ??? #5 Makai Branch PG floor general coach on the floor player coach awesome knowledge of the game! Undersized little floor general but extremely basketball savvy!

Chapman HS Spartanburg SC Gm 2 Ct 1 U15 Team Hickory vs. Carolina Cavs  Good game full of athletes blue team Carolina Cavs hustles hard and scores on transition defense #1 Tory Kelley combo guard slashing scorer pushes ball well in offensive transition and tough defender 94 feet team goes as he goes

White Team Hickory also hustles hard and scores off transition defense #0 Quentin Rice solid PG with nice handles good floor general sees the floor well hits the open cutter and scores in bunches and lifts team up with assists primarily involved in a great percentage of team’s offensive success. #13 Zane Redmond southpaw tremendous athlete very involved in the offensive/defensive play {triple double 10 pts. 10 rebs. 5 steals 10 asst.} O/D boards also a rim protector with key block shots decent inside offensive post passes / moves.

Chapman HS Spartanburg SC, Game 3 Ct. 1   U15 Team Vision white #21 Christopher Harris G/F good all-around handles ball well nice inside out game nice perimeter mid-range shot with decent post moves and post to perimeter defensive skills in that can guard forwards and guards well. #5 Andrews PG solid handles nice assist man with long to mid-range shot slasher penetrate to pass but finishes nicely at the basket.

Chattanooga Elite blue #15 Anthony Sims F/C grinder on both ends 15 pts 15 rebs of the floor good post defender works really hard on both offensive/defensive boards and #23

Chapman HS Ct. 1 Gm. 4  U15 Chattanooga Elite vs. B-Maze Elite Notable Outstanding Players #5 Reid Satterfield G/F sharpshooter nice handles complete passer runs the floor well #17 Zach Amonett solid set shot sharpshooter

Chapman HS Ct. 1 Gm 5  U15 Palmetto City Hurricanes  #6 Jazian Gortman G 17 pts. 5 asst 4 rebs 4 steals super athlete nice handles mid-range shooter adept passer clear floor leader team goes as he goes vs. CC Elite #12 Isiah Williams 6’4” G/F 16 pts 12 rebs 3 blocks complete player with handles perimeter shooter finisher at the rim post and perimeter defender #21 Kyle Frazier 6’3” F 18 pts 11 rebs and PG #2 Andrew Cook 11 pts. 10 assist complimentary ball handler calm good under pressure very solid assist to turnover ratio

Chapman HS Phenom Challenge Ct. 1 Game 6 U16  PSB Charlotte #42 Lucas Thillet G/F 22 pts.  slasher ball handler scrappy defender hard hat rebounder double-double player will give you everything he’s got vs. Upward Stars Columbia, SC  #2 Umar Lawson G/F 16 pts. 8 rebs. Big guard who can defend the perimeter and go down in the paint can shoot

Chapman HS Gm 6 Ct. 1 Phenom Challenge U16 Team United Elite CLT #3 Ty Black combo guard dribble-drive penetrator slasher scorer with long range 3 point consistency superior handles in traffic good passer off dribble  vs. Carolina Storm#20 Jaiven Lowery F/C  good footwork and exceptional in the paint offensively and defensively a big stopper rebounder giving second chances on offense guards the perimeter well at the top of the Zone D pressure down to guarding the post block paint area #2 Brandon King G/F Swingman goes hard to the cup and nice mid to long range shot. Good hands as well    Evenly matched offensive and defensive intensity

Game 7 Chapman HS Ct. 1  Phenom Challenge U15 Carolina Cavs #0 Kris Wallace PG energizer bunny all over the floor defensively and offensively Mugsy Bogues type player with handles passing scores in/out of paint dribble-drive penetration #7 Carlos McCullough grinding out in the paint on O and D vs. Greensboro Warriors #2 Travis Shaw 6’5 big Zion good hands big defensive presence in the paint on O and D strong game on both ends comparable talents on both sides back and forth spirited contest

Game 8 Chapman HS Ct. 1 Phenom Challenge U15 Western Carolina Warriors #2 K Wilkins PG super savvy playmaker with nice shooting range from three-pointer to mid-range strong passer sees the floor very well and hits the open cutter routinely #15 vs. Team Winston #8 Reece G/F all-purpose player 1

Sunday April 28th

Landrum HS Phenom Challenge Gm 1 U15   WCBA team plays hard all game and goes at least ten deep in rotation with little to know to drop off in play. WCBA was led by  the strong efforts of role player #39 Ryan Jaworski F/C vs. Chattanooga Elite is consistent with their level of basketball play in that they compete for 94 feet and play every play, unfortunately it hasn’t been enough when their level of intensity is matched with a more athletically gifted team, as in this case. However, #4 Michael Wilson led the Chatt team with all-around solid guard play with balanced scoring rebounding and defense full go.

Sunday April 28th Landrum HS Phenom Challenge Gm 2 U16 Upward Stars Upstate White led by #3 Bennett Rogers 3 point specialist vs. Team Phoenix Elite very spirited contest with similar styles of play and equal talent base physically and basketball acumen. Team Phoenix has a plethora of players who are major contributors e.g. – Guards #4 Daisuke Royster & #5 Julius Harrison who are both double-double machines scorer / assist per game; #24 Bryson Medley & #30 Jaydin Spillman-Martin stood out in their Sunday games as well.

Sunday April 28th Landrum HS Phenom Challenge Gm 3 U15   WNC Warriors {59} #3 Cayden  Mobley 31 pts 10 assists led the City Warriors but lost to the Runnin´Rebels {74} led by #10 William Fowler G kept pace leading his team with 31 points and 10 rebs 5 asst.

Sunday April 28th Landrum HS Phenom Challenge Gm 4 Ct 2 U15   Upward Stars Lakewood 79 MVP #21 Kentavious Wilson 18 pts 10 rebs and #15 Kaleb Gilbert 16 pts 8 assts. Vs. Chattanooga Elite Navy 43 MVP #15 Anthony Sims C/F double-double

Sunday April 28th Landrum HS Phenom Challenge  Gm 5 Ct 2 U16  AOP SC #5 PG shooter team leader vs. Rock Hill Ballers #6 Malachy McGuirt big strong fast hops all over the floor defending perimeter to paint glass eater and #0 pure energy point guard with end to end defense and pushes the ball on offense he raises the level of intensity for his team on both ends of the court complete handles passing extraordinary

Sunday April 28th Landrum HS Phenom Challenge  Gm 6  Ct 2  U16    Va. Havoc vs. Upward Stars