Location: Chapman HS Court 2

Nathan Wolfe, 6'2 2021 G with Charlotte Royals – Kid single handedly kept his team in the game the first half by hitting multiple 3's from all over the floor. When the defense pushed him out further, he still hit showing off the range in the process. Super skinny shooter is your typical 3 and D kid at this point but as long as he is hitting like he showed here (4-6 at one point), who cares' Shooters are always in demand and as he showed here, he's a shooter.

James Lumsden, 6'2 2021 F with Charlotte Royals – Little bulldog of a player really got after it out on the floor. Does not have the size really to play inside or the polished game to play outside but still finds a way to fill up the box score. He does everything just well enough to be dangerous on the floor. Not sure what position he will end up at but what we can tell you is that it wont matter as long as he's on the floor. Kids like this always find a way to produce.

Daniel Samford, 6'4 2022 F with Team United 14u – We were impressed by how this baby big gets after it out on the floor. Each game he played he gave up size and experience yet still held his own. As you'd expect, his game is in the growing stages at this point just like his body is but, we see enough here to be excited about his future. He already rebounds like a grown man when attacking the glass and we project this to only get stronger as he does. He has a good motor as well which makes what he has to work with that much more effective. Stock will grow more the bigger he gets. Bright future here.

Noah Allen, 6'1 2019 G with Charlotte Nets 17u – Solidly built guard prospect showed ability from beyond the arch in the one we saw tonight. Catches the ball ready to go to work and goes up square and quick when he decides to pull the trigger. Doesn't have the size you look for in a 2 or the handles and instincts of a 1 but he does move the ball well in the half court making him viable as a combo guard. Nailed 3 3's in first half, testament to his ability to get loose in a hurry.

Jibril Mccormick, 6'7 2019 F with Charlotte Nets 17u – Long and skinny F prospect showed well at this event but you can tell he has more to give. Most of his growth will be tied to his strength as he needs to bulk up. He has the ability to play above the rim, step out and hit the jumper from deep, and rebound/defend but it's not there for a full game just yet, it comes in spurts. The stronger he gets the better his stock climbs, If it were up to us, he'd spend all summer in the weight room.