Day three of #PhenomGrassrootsTOC featured the top teams battling it out on Championship Sunday.

There were over twenty college representatives in attendance some looking for diamonds in the rough late in the signing period, others searching for the next big thing to build the future of their programs around. It was a great atmosphere for evaluations these young hoopers left it all on the hardwood. A handful of players stood out among their peers for different reasons some of these guys will make an immediate impact at the next level.

Cameron Lee

Club- Charlotte Clippers

School- North Stanley

This guy may have been the most versatile player at the entire event Lee saw minutes at four different positions. At 6'4 he's got the skills for either guard positions with the Clippers Lee was the primary ball handler, assist man, and scorer all in one. The coaching staff moved him off ball to create space when defenses attempted to double team.

When depth issues and foul trouble arose Lee moved down low to bang in the paint, with good length and athleticism he's an X-factor on the boards. Down low the 2018 combo guard showed nice touch around the rim and can finish with either hand.

At this point Lee is a natural scorer in the paint and from deep as well he can truly score effectively from all three levels. When his team needs it Lee will shift into playmaking mode and get his fellow mates involved. Recruitment activity has been limited so far but this is a player who can help a lot of local division 1 programs!

Brandon Burford

Club- E.A. Prep Stars- Alexander

School- Hough High

Burford aka Mr. Clutch was the calmest and most collected dude on the court at all times! It didn't matter what the situation or how big the moment was nothing rattled this guy.

Throughout the weekend he displayed tremendous leadership skills and always put the team first. It was refreshing to see the floor general run the show he was the engine that made the offense go. Offensively he posses a pass first mentality as traditional point guards do but he's also a sharpshooter from deep. On the pick and roll he's a maestro Burford can really get defenses on their heels and pick them apart.

At 6'1 Burford is a solid finisher at the pine as well it was impressive the way he absorbed and finished through contact. Over the summer Burford wants to focus on adding muscle to a slender frame he plans to dedicate himself to the weight room.

Richard Ables

Club- Charlotte Nets

School- Tarbernacle Christian

Ables was a pleasant surprise the breakout star really made a name for himself this weekend. His side came up short in their championship matchup but he showed there was a lot to like about his game.

He's more of a two guard right now Ables is a walking bucket with the ball in his hands. His jumper is fluent from deep but what really stands out is the athleticism this man can straight jump out the gym. It seemed like every time we saw him on a fast break Ables was attempting to break the rim.

Honestly the Monroe product is best in the open court where he can slash through defenders and punch it home. As far as highlights Ables is good for a couple every time he laces up. A true highflyer at the next level he can be a true momentum changer for a lucky program

Destin Clark

Club- Team Charlotte

School- Indian Land High School (SC)

The youngest of the bunch on this list 2020 guard Destin Clark was a beast in the 15U division teams couldn't keep him out of the lane. Team Charlotte was loaded with talent in the backcourt Clark may have the highest ceiling of the group.

He's already a big physical guard as a freshman Clark will continue to grow and get stronger over the next three years. Throughout the tournament he showed off a nice handle with the basketball and a variety of crafty finishes in the paint. As far as court vision Clark is advanced for his age, a few of his flashy dimes caught even his teammates off guard.

It's impressive the way Clark uses his body to fend off defenders and finish over them, he's like a freight train flying through the paint defenders are prone to being ran over. As Clark continues to shine during live period showcases and on the UAA circuit his recruiting buzz will pick up majorly. Going forward Clark wants to work on adding a consistent jumper if he's able to harness that part of his game look out.

Cody Cline

Club- PSB Select

School- Cox Mill


Cody Cline is a blur with the basketball it'd be interesting to know this dudes 40 time. No one could stay in front of him in the stacked 16U division he blew by defenders and finished for easy lay-ins.

Coming off a state championship run for his school team Cline has continued with the winning ways. It doesn't matter what the task is this is a player who flat out gets it done no excuses. Cody can stop on a dime and switch direction in the blink of an eye, he claimed plenty of ankles during the event. Cline is also a knockdown shooter from midrange his pull up game is reliable.

As a 2019 prospect Cline has time on his side he'll need to continue to refine his intangibles over the next two and a half years. Luckily he's surrounded by great coaches and two winning programs that will continue to help him grow in the game.