It was such an incredible weekend in Greensboro for both of our events the #PhenomJMAC and #PhenomCP3 featuring some of the nations top talent with hundreds of coaches on hand to witness battles of epic proportions between tons of talent ranging from NAIA to Blue Blood.  There were some awesome 15U and 16U title games at Dudley on Sunday Afternoon.  Let’s take a look at these fantastic groups that were able to come out of their respective brackets as the last men standing from #PhenomCP3

15U Big East Bronze Champions: WBC Elite 15U

The boys from the beach took care of business on Sunday in dominating fashion, they handled the CLT Nets with relative ease largely due to the backcourt play from Zy Atkins and Maleec Myers. Atkins finished with 13 points and Myers only had 4 but ran a team like a true mature PG, which is incredible considering he’s a year younger than his competition.  He did a great job finding a way to be a highly effective player without needing to score the ball showcasing his versatility as a winning player.  6’2 Gavin Ellis also finished with 13 points and did a great job as the primary option playing and defending 3 different positions during the victory.  This is a group that clearly knows how to co-exist and play well together that features talent at multiple levels.  Coaches should definitely make themselves familiar with this group as they begin their sophomore seasons in High School next year.

16U Big East Gold Champions: Durham Hurricanes 2020

This was arguably the most exciting finish of a game I saw this weekend when 6’1 G Micah Jones broke down main street for a buzzer-beating layup after they clawed their way back from a 5 point deficit with under a minute to play.  Cole Sinclair hit a massive 3 with about 40 seconds to play and finished the day with 20 points playing up an age group, controlling the flow of the game from the PG position.  This group is LOADED with next level talent at all levels and the highlight of the day was after the game ended when Coach Sinclair ran to me, grabbed the trophy out of my hand, and proceeded to run around the court in jubilation.  I had an ear to ear grin on my face due to the overwhelming joy from this coach and team.  It was truly a wonderful moment that I’ll remember for a long long time.

16U ACC Gold Champions: Team CP3 15U

I think it’s fair to say that the CP3 organization is the premier grassroots organization in THE HoopState and they didn’t disappoint once again Beating the VA All Stars in dominating fashion!  They did it playing up an age group and they did it by committee, the guard play of Bobby Pettiford, Breon Pass and others set the tone early in this one.  They basically got whatever they wanted on the offensive end and found a way to win yet another title.