We continued a great day of basketball, as Rocky River and Asheville Christian battled it out on the court and it was a battle throughout. Neither team was able to create space between each other, as we were tied at 10 at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter was much of the same, as 2022 James Wilkins led the charge for Asheville Christian and 2023 Jaden Lyles led the way for Rocky River. At halftime, Asheville Christian held a narrow 26-24 lead.

Second half was much of the same to start, as both teams made some tough plays and were playing physical. 2022 De’Ante Green started to make his presence well known, really playing hard and being strong in the paint, using his size to his advantage. But Rocky River also hit some shots from the outside, as we went back and forth all throughout the second half. It ultimately game down to the final seconds, with Asheville Christian leading by two. Rocky River had a chance late to tie it up but just missed, as Green ultimately helped seal the game from the line. Tough battle throughout but Asheville Christian secured the 53-49.

Asheville Christian: De’Ante Green 27pts, 13rebs, 3asts / James Wilkins III 12pts, 4rebs, 4asts
Rocky River: Jaden Lyles 18pts, 5rebs / Javares Green 11pts / Will Ham 7pts

POB’s Eye Catchers:

Asheville Christian:
2022 De’Ante Green: Green had five points at the half and then ultimately took over in the second half, using his size and presence in the post to his advantage. It was a battle and he had to take some hits along the way but he scored effectively in the paint, got to the line, and was all over the boards. But you come to expect that from one of the top players in the country.

2022 James Wilkins III: Wilkins showed the ability to score when available or help run the offense and get his teammates involved. He picked his spots well to attack and score downhill, but also rise up and knock down shots.

Rocky River:
2023 Jaden Lyles: A player to start noticing more in the Charlotte area, Lyles did what he could to help his team secure the win. He was very assertive in getting downhill and getting into the paint, looking to finish around the basket, create for himself, finish through contact, or get to the line. Lyles did that throughout the game and had a gritty performance.