We went into the second session of the night, as fans were treated to a fantastic game between Weddington and Cannon, two premier programs in the state of North Carolina. Weddington got out to a strong start led by one of their leaders in Chase Lowe as he scored eight first-quarter points. But Cannon was right there behind 2024 Austin Swartz and company, as they found themselves down 18-17 after one. Weddington though started to expand their lead heading into halftime with outside shots falling and other players getting involved like 2023 Evan Morton and 2022 Kyle Frazier. At the end of the first half, Weddington led 40-32.

Second half, Cannon came out strong and started to chip away at the lead and got it within a bucket, as Swartz continued to knock down shots and make some tough plays. Karon Boyd also got more in the action. Morton though made some timely baskets to make a late charge at the end of three to maintain a seven-point lead for Weddington. It maintained a 4-7 point lead for Weddington for much of the fourth quarter, with both teams making some tough plays. Both teams really battled and made plays until the end, but it was Weddington that ultimately secured the 76-72 victory.

Weddington: Chase Lowe 20pts/ Evan Morton 18pts/ Kyle Frazier 13pts, 7rebs, 3stls
Cannon: Isaiah Henry 21pts, 9rebs/ Austin Swartz 17pts, 5rebs/ Karon Boyd 15pts, 12rebs

POB’s Eye Catchers:
2023 Evan Morton: Morton doesn’t always get the spotlight but he plays a big part in the team’s success. He is a quick guard that creates well with the dribble, finding ways to get around defenders and getting the ball on the rim. Love his toughness on both ends and finds a way to get in the paint

2022 Kyle Frazier: Frazier is just another tough player for this Weddington team. He does a terrific job in making smart decisions on the court, whether it is driving to the bucket, showing his one-dribble pull-up, or his jumper from multiple levels, Frazier plays a vital role and brings a terrific toughness to this team.

2024 Austin Swartz: Swartz really had it going in this game, helping lead the charge for his team. He did it with his outside game in this one, knocking down shots and showing his range. He is a very confident shot-maker from the floor, using his size and fluid motion to really be a lethal weapon from outside.

2025 Isaiah Henry: This young man has really grown as a player and the fact that he is only a freshman, the future looks bright for him. He has really elevated and earned some valuable knowledge this season and it seems that now he is not holding anything back and playing his game. Playing tough and physical, scoring in a variety of ways, and showing he can be a weapon from several positions on the floor.