It has been an exciting summer for 2022 6’3 Korey Richardson, despite everything going around. Richardson has been making an even bigger name for himself on the court this summer, impressing national scouts and college coaches. Which why we think it is only a matter of time for his recruitment to take off even more than it has.

He also made a big decision in transferring to Oakville Prep, one that he is really excited about. Richardson dives into what went into his decision, along with a recruitment update as high-major schools are heading his way.

PHR: First off, how has this summer gone for you as far as baskketball goes?

Richardson: This summer has been going well for me. This summer, I got a lot of exposure even with the coronavirus in effect. I started hearing from a lot of programs.

PHR: You had a big decision on heading to Oakville Prep. What went into that decision for you?

Richardson: My decision on going to Oakville Prep was a good move for me. It gives me a chance to get to the next level and prepare for colleg ena it was a plys because it was already like home because my dad and the head coach were like childhood friends. It was a chance for me to get away form all this stuff that is happening around here and do what is best for me and my family.

PHR: As far as your game on the court, what kind of mindset do you like to bring to the floor each time you step out? What do yo uwant to bring to the table for your team?

Richardson: My mindset coming into every game is to gaurd the best player on te opposing team and to make a name for myself every chance I get. I don’t like losing at all and to me really, I have no Friends on the court unless you are on my team. What I bring to the table for my team is that I like to be a point guard, getting my teammates involved because that gets me going when everybody is feeling good about their game. I can be a floor general with doing everything I can do to get the team a win.

PHR: Recruitment has been going well so far. What all offers do you currently hold? Who has built a strong relationship with you so far?

Richardson: I have offers from Murray State, Clemson, South Carolina State, Tulane, and USC-Upstate. Murray State has been building a strong relationship with me, I talk to Coach Nichols a lot, almost every other week.

PHR: What other schools have been showing interest your way also that haven’t offered yet?

Richardson: I’ve heard from East Carolina, Butler, Middle Tennessee State, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech. I’ve also been starting to hear from UNCG, Tulsa, Florida, and others.

PHR: You mentioned Murray State has been one you strong. What are your thoughts on that program?

Richardson: Murray State is a great school. Coach facetimed me and showed me the campus and the facility.

PHR: What about Clemson, who has also offered as well?

Richardson: Clemson is a great school. I also talk to Coach Bender often, he calls me and checks in on me, keeping my updated. But pretty much, all the schools have been in great contact with me and showing me very high interest in committing to their school.

PHR: Any of those schools that have been showing interest your way would highly interest you if an offer came?

Richardson: Yes sir, all of them would because I don’t have any specific school I want to go to, so everyone is getting treated the same.

PHR: Have you been able to make any visits to schools in the past?

Richardson: Yes, I took a visit to Georgia vs. South Carolina after my high school season and I took a visit to SC State on their homecoming.

PHR: Any schools you want to visit down the road?

Richardson: Yes, I’ll be looking to take an on campus visit to Murray State, Tulsa, Clemson, and Georgia Tech.