1. 2019 5.10in David Mosley: Neuse Christian Academy Combo Guard#22: Colleges showing interest: Catawba, Queens, Belmont Abby, Husson University Great defense on and off the ball, able to penetrate and get to rim at will, nice mid range and long range shot as he continues to run the team offense with very high motor and physical plays .

2. 2019 5.9in Jordan Cooper: Rolesvile High school Combo guard #20: various colleges are beginning to make contact of interest : Unlimited shooting range, quick to rim, great on and off ball defense, floor leader that gets buckets in bunches!! 3.35/4.0 GBA SAT:1030. ACT: 20

3. 2019 6.3in Tarique Kaiser: Rolesvile High School Small forward #43: University of San Diego currently showing interest. Great defense on the perimeter and in the paint. Able to push the ball end to end, while at same time attack the rim off the dribble, knock down long or mid range jumper or post up. Plays hard from tip off til 00 on clock.

4. 2020 6ft4 Kurtis Taylor :Neuse Christian Academy, Sf/PF #12 receiving interest from: Queens College, Presbyterian College so far. Very high motor, plays game with endless passion on defense and offense on the post or perimeter able to knock down the mid range and 3 ball consistently and has ability to get ball from rim to rim at will.

5. 2021 5ft 9 Joshua Mosley: Neuse Christian Academy,combo Guard : #23 plays the game with a passion and desire second to none with the skills to back up and match his never ending effort on defense and offense. While running the offense he consistently gets everyone involved as he also scores as often as needed. Very quick, fast and athletic!!! Consistent mid range and 3 ball shooter while getting to rim effortlessly at will.

6. 2019 5″8 Isaac leach#3 Garner High :CG : very crafty play maker for his team mates and himself and also very skilled ball handling , running the offense and generating offense when needed and as much as needed. Relentless on defense and offense as he has great work ethics in perfecting his skills! Great rebounder, passer and also has freethrow percentage of at least 80% and Plays the game with a passion that any coach would want from any player.