When you first look at Team Penny, you first notice (or at least we do) Top 25 prospect PJ Washington and then you immediately notice Top 15 prospect John Petty. Rightfully so, these two players have both great physical statures and are very skilled and athlete.

However, after watching for a bit you tend to notice the kid with the hair who seems to always be around the ball. Standing 6'4' Stewart is just as adept coming off the ball as he is playing on the ball.

During his time in the 3rd Session of the EYBL Stewart put his full skill set on display. As the team's secondary scorer he averaged 9 points on 47% shooting from the field and from 44% from beyond the arc. In 19 minutes per game, as the team's secondary ball handler, Stewart only gave up one turnover (.33/game).

For his Union City (TN) High School team, Stewart led his team to a 34-4 record (20-0) in conference, while averaging close to 22 points per game. This record led his team all the way to the Tennessee state finals, when they ended up losing. Right now Team Penny is 9-2 on the EYBL Circuit. This means that Stewart is 43-6 over the last year. WOW!

Right now Stewart is consistently ranked as a 3-star Top 150 prospect across the board. However, when you look at his recruitment it reflects a much higher regard for his skill set. He currently has offers from NC State, Florida, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Kansas St, Memphis, Georgetown, Missouri, Baylor, LSU, Georgia Tech, and many others.

The winning nature is apparent. The versatile skill set is there. The offer list is vast, and is continuing to grow. Coming from a small 1A school in Tennessee, Parker Stewart is one who has a great career in front of him.