Here are 10 stands-outs from Byrnes freshman Academy

#33 Brandis Kelly (NC Empire 17u Perry). A 6’7” Forward with a grown man’s body. Constantly made plays scoring the basketball inside and equally impressive grabbing countless rebound after rebound. He imposed his will whenever and however he wanted. Plays defensive end on his High School football team. Make no mistake the young fella is light-footed and very skilled. He will posterize you when the opportunity presents itself.

#1 Devin Bullock (Anthony Atkinson Allstars). A 6’3” Wing. Ultra-athletic with that “IT” factor. Attacks the rim at every given opportunity. Puts defenders on his back and uses his broad shoulders to position himself for rebounds and easy scores. Anticipates plays defensively with good instincts which leads to steals. When dialed in he is definitely a nightmare for the opposition because his motor does not quit

#2 Travis Shaw (Greensboro Warriors 15u). A 6’6” Forward whose size speaks for itself. He is no little guy for sure. Don’t even want to speculate on his weight but he carries it well as evident with the numerous football offers he currently holds. A one-man rebounding machine on both ends of the floor. In 2 games I scouted he grabbed 19 and 16 rebounds with ease and could have many more. Offensively he can score with a post feed as he has a nifty spin move that only the referees could stop. Not afraid to use in size to get where he wants. Throws one mean outlet pass that starts their transition game which leads to easy points, had games of 5 and 6 assist. The big fellas moves so well…….SCARY!!!

#3 Mekai Collins (NC Gaters East). A 6’2” Guard with one of the prettiest jump shots I saw this weekend. If he is open and has a good look more times than not it’s going in. Close out on him out of control he can put it on the deck and hit you with a strong mid-range game or finish at the rim in & through traffic. Smart player who puts himself in good position while on the basketball court. Very efficient!!!

#4 Reese Evans (Garner Road-2021). A 6’4” Wing. This kid has the it factor. Scored in every way imaginable. Inside, Outside, Mid-Range, From Deep, In Transition, On the Offensive boards, off Steals. He has a motor than stayed on full GO. This young fella was constantly making play after play. Has a definite knack for the basketball. He definitely checks all the basketball boxes.

#5 Nick Ford (Carolina Dream Team 17u). A 6’3” Wing. One the most athletic kids at Byrnes for sure. This kid has crazy bounce. He elevates so high on his jump shot that its no way you can contest it. At his best when in attack mode. Either he is getting all the way to the basket or he is going to stop on a dime and pull up. A true scorer with a scorers mentality. This kid gets buckets.

#35 Jaqwan Baylor (Bertie Elite 17u). A 6’9” Forward. Uses his size as a big man should. Blocks & alters countless shots anytime he is in the game. Uses his height to get rebounds and easy buckets. A tough match up for any team for sure.

#2 Davieon Woods (Charlotte Jets Elite 10th). A 6’1” Guard with a with who simply gets it done. Smooth and crafty. He has a flare to his game that allows him to score easily. Wirey Guard whose slim size will surprise you. This kid is a bucket in every since of the word. He will come at you with relentless aggression!!!

#7 Ja’Quaveon Venable (Royal Knights 16). A 6’2” Guard. Mr. Flash was all over the court. High energy motor kid who plays the game with passion. A streaky shooter. He can score in bunches. Not afraid to mix it up with bigger defenders. Tries to play much bigger than his frame for sure.

#4 Charle McClennahan (PSB-Winston Salem). A 6’6” Wing, Mr. Smooth. Long agile player who plays the game the right way. A match up problem. Can’t guard him with smaller player because he will take them inside. Put a big on him and he moves to the perimeter and goes to work. Had one of the most efficient games at Byrnes. Offensively he can shoot, handle to rock and facilitate. Defensively he uses his length to disrupt shots and rebound. Quiet doesn’t say much lets game speak for itself. A stat stuffer!!!