The second day of Phenom’s November Classic kicked off with Bull City Prep and New Faith Christian. Bull City Prep came out of the gate and established themselves early, securing the lead, mounting a run, and genuinely clicking on all cylinders. However, New Faith Christian turned things around and ended the first quarter only trailing 20-16. Despite excellent leadership from 6’1 ’21 Cynicer Harrison and perimeter shooting from 5’10 ’21 Mricus Traylor Jr., New Faith Christian still trailed 38-31 to Bull City Prep entering halftime. Guys like 6’3 ’22 LJ Thomas, 6’7 ’22 Treyvon Byrd, 6’8 ’21 Dre Watson, and 6’4 ’21 Bryce Harris worked cohesively and led the charge for Bull City Prep. The third quarter consisted of more of the same, highlighting a back-and-forth battle and ending in favor of Bull City Prep, 51-48, going into the final period. In the closing minutes of action, Bull City Prep did a great job of extending their lead and finishing things out, winning 66-56 over New Faith Christian. 

6’8 ’21 Dre Watson (Bull City Prep)

Although this team easily possesses one of the most impressive rosters throughout the state, Watson always seems to make his presence felt. His two-way motor and intensity are usually the first notable things about him, as he consistently looks to do whatever possible to overwhelm opponents—whether as a defender, rebounder, or pure athlete. Watson shoots, passes, and handles the ball well for his size. He also displays phenomenal instincts defensively, both in space and when protecting the rim. Watson should only continue to gain traction with college coaches.

6’3 ’22 LJ Thomas (Bull City Prep)

For those with any questions surrounding Thomas’ ability to run a team and operate as a point guard, this was the game to watch. Often recognized as a legitimate offensive machine, the lethal scoring threat wasn’t able to knock down shots at his usual consistency. However, this presented Thomas with an opportunity to run the show with a smooth, unselfish approach and make an impact in all facets of the game. The way he handles the ball, navigates the floor, and understands how to make the right play is a massive part of what separates him from other guards. Thomas is a special talent with the ability to dominate in a variety of ways. 

6’8 ’21 Robert Fields Jr. (New Faith Christian)

Though they never held a lead in this contest, Fields was a huge reason of what allowed this group to remain competitive. At 6-foot-8, he proved to be an excellent perimeter threat with the ability to naturally cause mismatches with his fluidity and floor-spacing ability. Fields handles the ball well, especially for his size, and creates effectively within two to three dribbles. He shoots the ball at a high percentage from the perimeter and is capable of heating up quickly. 

6’1 ’21 Cynicer Harrison (New Faith Christian)

While Fields was a major catalyst, one could argue that Harrison is the clear leader of this group. He’s continued to add strength while maintaining his sharp quickness, tough defensive prowess, and speed in the open floor. Harrison is great at breaking down opponents, getting downhill, and attacking the basket or setting up others. He finishes well with either hand and hits jumpers at an efficient rate. Harrison sets the tone by example and makes quality decisions with the ball in his hands.