You know the team, you know the program, and you know the logo… BSA Supreme has been taking on all challenges so far this season and they have proven to be one of the top dogs, not only regionally but you could also mention nationally.  This is a program that is built a certain way, plays a certain way, and simply has a different mindset compared to others.

That is why they sit 12-0 on the season, undefeated and coming off another impressive showing at the Phenom Hoops LIVE.  BSA was able to finish the event 4-0, with three of their games coming by around 20 points and all by double-digits.

If you haven’t watched them, they are a fun group to watch; they play their way on the court, they seem to be all over the place, they bring a ton of balance, and they can punch you right in the mouth before you even know what hit you.

Whether it is their swarming defense, their relentless energy and motor, their toughness and quickness, or their ability to bring a balanced attack, BSA Supreme is one of the toughest opponents to face and they should be in the discussion as one of the top teams, especially a team that isn’t on the circuit.

And when you look at the roster, there are plenty of players all around the roster that should have the attention of college coaches. Catawba was smart enough to get on the Daniel twins, 2024 Carson and Chase Daniel.  Those two set the tone in a big way and are two of the toughest guards around, and Catawba has two dynamic guards for the future.

But then you have players like 2024 Desmond Kent Jr. who has been on the rise and there is still plenty of potential for what he could ultimately be.  2024 Tyler Showalter Jr. has elevated his game, be more assertive in a variety of areas, and is showing more of his overall feel. 2025 Jaylen Claggett plays a huge role in knocking down shots, but also is adding more to his game.  And then 2024 Peter Moye had a strong two-week showing with his physicality and ability to get downhill, 2024 Landon Foley who players hard on both ends, battles on the boards, and can make a difference in a variety of ways, 2024 Liam Gates who can knock down shots, and 2024 6’6 Jeremiah Howard who can bring size to the table.

Overall, this is a team that has proven itself, has shown they belong with the top dogs, and should have not only the attention of all teams this summer but also college coaches all around the region.