Player: J3 Swindell
Class: 2024
Height: 6’4

Player: Neal Swindell
Class: 2025
Height: 6’3

It was nearly over two years when we introduced everyone to 2024 J3 Swindell and also learned about 2025 Neal Swindell. At that time, J3 was leading the charge at Westchester Country Day but he has now continued to develop his game and is now a focal point at Caldwell Academy under head coach Brandon Clifford.  His younger brother, Neal Swindell, has also hit his growth spurt since watching him as a young guard.  At that time, Neal was much smaller, but his body has filled out and he has only added more to his game.

Recently, we got a chance to check in on the brothers at the Phenom Grassroots TOC and it certainly seems that they continue to be a dynamic duo.  Neal is showing more of his ability to get downhill, score around the basket, and a nice overall skillset.  Plays with a nice physical toughness.  J3 has only improved his overall feel and is showing much more of his ability to be a threat from outside; really showed his confidence at times from three as well as his continued ability to score for himself and attack the boards.

The Swindell brothers really shined recently with the CSB Elite and should be two players to watch out for down the road more, as they will be helping lead the charge once again at Caldwell Academy.