Shedding more light on players finding success at the next level, we now take a look at freshman Brandon Lavitt who is making his presence felt once again, this time at Susquehanna.

We remember watching Lavitt a few times at Charlotte Latin, as he played with tremendous energy, played extremely hard, and just produced without being flashy.  When talking about his game at Charlotte Latin, Lavitt was simply that physical force on the court for his team.  He loved to do the dirty work, lay his body on the line, be physical down around the basket, and really embraced contact.  Lavitt was relentless, and honestly was one that simply just outworked his opponents.

Well, it seems like he is bringing that same energy to the River Hawks this season, as the freshman is posting averages of 12.8 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 1.2 assists per game.  He has played and started all 19 games for Susquehanna, is second in team scoring, third in minutes per game, and first in rebounds per game… production!

Congrats to Lavitt and the hard work he has put in, as he continues to find success at the next level.

What Was Said By Phenom Hoops:

“Watching Lavitt over the years, you just have to love what he brings to the floor. Toughness, physicality, grit… He loves to play hard on both ends and mix it up with his opponents. He isn’t afraid to do the dirty work and bring that physical feel down in the paint. Always active on both ends of the floor, Lavitt is one that just leaves it all out there on the court and plays with a ton of effort.”

“One of the senior leaders for this Charlotte Latin team, he brings the physical presence to the floor and is relentless with his effort.  He embraces contact and finishes extremely well through it, always is looking to make plays, and gets on the boards. Love his leadership and his toughness, as he makes a ton of winning plays for his team.”