Wes Miller has had UNCG rolling the last few years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down this upcoming season, as the Spartans return several key guys this year once again.  Senior Isaiah Miller will look to lead the way but a name to start looking at is redshirt freshman Dericko Williams, as he could be the breakout player this season for UNCG.

The Spartans did lose James Dickey, a key starter last year that led the team in rebounding and block shots, while also averaging nearly nine points per game.  Williams could be a player that carves into those minutes that will be left behind from Dickey.

“He’s an animal.”

That is what has been said about Williams and looking back to what we saw back in high school, there should be a lot of excitement around what he brings to the table. 

This is what we had to say about him before it was announced that he would redshirt.

“Williams brings a rugged nature and athleticism that will get him on the floor.”

This young man brings a lot of versatility, strength and athleticism to the position, while standing at 6’8.  His explosion will get fans standing, and he can be an absolute monster on the floor with his aggression on the court.  And the fact that we haven’t had a chance to see him operate on the court, there should be a lot of excitement around this young man as he could fill a key hole or provide a ton of positive minutes on the court.

Also, just take a look at what Coach Miller had to say about Williams back in 2018 when he signed:

“Dericko is a tremendous addition to our program,” Miller said. “He plays with a high motor, relishes competition and may be as explosive as anyone we’ve ever recruited. He’s a versatile, multi-dimensional player that we believe will fit well into our style of basketball.”

“What excites me most about Dericko is that he’s only scratching the surface of who he is going to be as a player. We’ve had success here with players that love the game and loves the process of improving. I believe he has a strong drive and the will to work hard.”

Get ready Spartan fans, Williams could be that breakout player for you all this season.