Last week hundreds of coaches showed up from across the country to watch players perform at Phenom Hoops’ April NCAA Certified Live event. Countless offers were given out, some to known commodities and many to players with no offers coming into the event.

This weekend, at Phenom’s Grassroots Tip Off Live, coaches need to line up and here are some of the breakout candidates to watch for.

6’5” 2019 CJ Allison
Synergy Elite – Wise (WV)

Allison is a name that college coaches will immediately need to familiarize themselves with. The 6’5” lefty has great length with an explosive bounce to his step. He is a smooth jump shooter and plays the wing with a great pace, leading to believe he could act as a nice secondary ball handler. Looking for a comp, think somewhere in between BJ Tyson (ECU) and Cartier Diarra (Kansas St), that is a player you want to see.

6’6” 2019 Jace McKinney
WBC Elite (NC)

McKinney plays a very loud game. He is strong and highly explosive and when you add in his non stop motor and great length, you realize you have a talent ready to bust out. However, McKinney has already busted out, he was his conference’s player of the year this season averaging 17.5 points, shooting 40% from the field. McKinney is a great shot blocker from the wing and really plays the passing lanes well. Positive plays and all out effort will land him numerous D1 scholarships.

6’4” 2019 Luis Herrera
Synergy Elite – Wise (WV)

Herrea is a big bodied point guard. He plays with a great change of pace and gets into the paint, controlled. Herrera has a smooth jump shot and he finishes through contact when he touches the paint. Herrera has a mentality that never seems to get rattled and he plays in a way that gives his team mates confidence. A numerous offer D1 player, especially for mid level programs who like bigger point guards.

6’4” 2020 Auldon Edwards
UA Team Felton 16s

The youngest player on this list, Edwards may have the highest upside. The one that high major schools should go ahead and put eyes on, Edwards is still flying under the radar. The lefty has a complete game, with the ability to handle, score and defend multiple positions. Just scratching the surface, Edwards should see a huge recruitment uptick in the coming months. Schools looking to get a head start on the inevitable blow up, should get in now.

6’2” 2019 Talton Jones
Flight 22 Elite (NC)

Already carrying a Western Carolina offer, Jones is a lengthy point guard who has the ball on a string. When he is locked in he is a terror on the ball defender as he has great anticipation with good feet and incredible length. He has a nice pull up game and great vision, seeing the play one step ahead each time. If you give him a little rope he is able to make the spectacular play, regularly. Watch him, Western Carolina is on to something.

6’8” Unsigned Senior Hunter Seymour
EA Prep Gold (NC)

The only unsigned senior on the list, D1 programs need to know about Seymour. He is a high academic kid to go along with an 1150 test score. Seymour is a lengthy post who has springs in his step. He is able to knock down the 3 ball off the catch, can rip through and get to the rim and is a strong 2-handed rebounder. Yes, D1s need to see him multiple times and get your head coach on board too. He should be one who gains a couple offers this weekend