Bravion is forecasted to be a two sport star at Lakeland HS and will be competing for time on varsity at the quarterback position as a ninth grader this fall. 'He has a big, strong frame yet quick feet and is surprisingly agile. Bravion can pound defenders around the rim with a nice back to the basket variety as he executes a nice powerful drop step move and also has a nice jump hook which he converts with very good regularity. 'He is able to use duck-ins or just flat out overpower his defender and get post position deep into the paint. He's automatic when getting the ball that deep and he can score through contact. Bravion is also very capable facing the rim out to three point range. Very good once he gets his feet set but has improved a lot scoring off the dribble. 'Bravion can put the ball on the floor well and once he gets downhill he knows how to take care of the ball and finish. Defensively he plays hard and stays active protecting the paint. He moves his feet well and is able to hedge or help fend off dribble penetration. Bravion does a good job boxing out when a shot goes up, he has good bounce and a powerful first jump. 'Rarely will you see him not in position defensively. Bravion runs the floor well, uses long graceful strides for a big man and has very good speed. Sprints foul line to foul line and puts pressure on opposing bigs defensively at all times. Bravion is very athletic and nimble for a big guy. He is coming off a strong Spring where he had a couple double/ doubles. On a young and very talented team Bravion has an opportunity to be an impact presence inside as early as this coming season with long term potential as a 3/4 type. 'As part of a talented young team with some players with next level potential, it's only a matter of time before Bravion Cample earns attention from college coaches. Could be a D1 target in both football and basketball!

Lakeland High School Coach Clint Wright Sr. on Bravion Cample: 'A budding impact two sport player at Lakeland Bravion can be, marrying the likes of Football and its physical environment and Basketball with the countless techniques. The notion of playing too physical can reduce opportunities on the court for sure, but it's highly welcomed in a controlled state. 'Watching Bravion play football and the passion he plays with, we are delighted he has also taken a strong interest in the ball that bounces. Bravion's strong eye contact and his 'yes sir', 'no sir' mannerisms suggest he's a coachable student/athlete. Bravion's work ethic is contagious and obvious. There are very few dull moments and a lot of sweat during basketball training. Bravion's favorite basketball player is Lebron James and his favorite football player is Cam Newton. Not bad selections I might add.

Bravion's dad Brandon played football and basketball at Lakeland High School so the campus is very familiar to him. Bravion's mom, Erica, keeps the persistent pressure on him to stay strong academically. She knows his future is bright. He has two sisters Ky'Liah & Braynasia and four brothers Brendon, Brandon Jr, Brayden & Xavier. The football and basketball programs are super excited Bravion will be gracing the hallways in Lakeland in the Fall.