Most of the guys on the list are all prospects that have shown vast improvements since my last viewing of them and have truly expanded their games. One guy remains one of the most consistent guards in the state, and one youngster broke onto my radar for the first time.

6’5 2023 Collin Murray-Boyles (Upward Stars) – First impressions are memorable, and Murray Boyles left a good one. Murray Boyle’s is going to be one to watch over the next several years in the SC 2023 Class. At 6’5 he can play just about anywhere on the court at this stage, initially Murray Boyle’s established himself on the block, he used a blend of size, athleticism, and intangibles to get to the cup. Murray Boyles welcomes contact and plays with a high motor on both ends. Murray Boyles showed the perimeter ball skills & shot-making ability later and really got wherever he wanted on the court, but he didn’t have to dominate the ball to be effective. Murray Boyles can bring the ball up if needed and willingly guard multiple spots.

6’3 2022 Jeremiah Scales (Team Bond) The overall development in the last year or so is reassuring, it’s glaringly obvious Scales has been in the lab and utilized his time there. Scales is a much-improved perimeter threat, he has sharpened the handle, ball skills have expanded, & Scales is playing with alpha dog confidence. Scales already had a frame built for slashing, he’s continued to chisel up and over the weekend Scales got what he wanted in the lane. Scales is finishing through contact effortlessly, he’s adept at using either hand at the cup. Scales has put the time in on his jumper also, he’s knocking down shots off the bounce, and on spot-up opportunity. As the offensive arsenal has grown, Scales remains the same hustle player he’s been since I first saw him, active on the glass chasing down rebounds, fighting for 50/50 balls. Scales should be one of the best on-ball defenders in the Triad as well.

6’0 2023 Dashaun Grant (Garner Road)- Grant is a guard that can set the tone on both ends of the floor, he’s lighting in a bottle with the ball, in space Grant will typically beat the first man and get into the teeth of the defense, which allows him to break down the opposition. Grant can get his shot off over taller players in the lane, he’s creative at the cup. Grant is also a very impressive on-ball defender, his defensive pressure has the potential to take over games and shift momentum. On the ball Grant is difficult to get around, he’s quick-moving laterally and Grant can get underneath bigger guards and swipe the ball.

6’3 2022 Anthony Breeland (Team Hickory)- Breeland has completely transformed his body, in person, you notice immediately how much he’s bulked up. Breeland remains the same bucket getter he’s always been, but Breeland looked more polished scoring the rock, and more poised with his approach to the game as a lead guard. Breeland is a steady shot maker still, the added muscle has prepared him to better take on contact at the cup as well. Breeland also seemed to balance being a playmaker more efficiently, he’s capable of playing either guard spot. Defensively Breeland was active in passing lanes, and over the weekend aided in the rebound efforts.

6’4 2020 Nygell Verdier (Charlotte Guards)- The only unsigned senior on the list and he can absolutely go. I left away impressed with the toughness & versatility of Verdier. Verdier has continued to expand his game, Verdier is initiating offense off the bounce, he’s got good length and some explosiveness to beat his guy to the cup. Over the weekend he played big rebounding the ball on both ends, switching on screens and guarding multiple spots. He defends every possession he won’t slack off, and overall the Verdier looks more confident and vocal as a leader.

5’9 2022 Camian Shell (TPLA) – Shell was one of the best guards I saw over the weekend, there just aren’t any glaring holes in his game. Shell is a true three-level scorer, he didn’t have his best shooting performance from deep but it’s a shot Shell can make. Shell continues to utilize a devastating first step to leave defenders on an island and his change of pace is tough to grasp on film, the hesitation leaves defenders off balance. Shell has a consistent running floater, and he gets his shots off with high arc in the lane. Shell rarely commits turnovers, he reads his teammate’s strengths and makes life easy for them. Shell’s leadership and cool demeanor under pressure is contagious. Shell never looks shook you just trust him with the keys. Shell lives for clutch moments and absolutely wants the ball with the game on the line.