After much thought and preparation I have created  a list of prospects I personally felt flew under the radar somewhat this weekend. It’s easy to get lost in the headlines and star power, but all these prospects came in wit something to prove.


Greensboro, North Carolina- Every guy on this list came in under the radar for one reason or another, all came in ready as well to bring their energy to the big stages. For one reason or another these prospects stood out in my mind, they all offer valuable skill sets to the game, some haven’t been seen enough and others just needed the opportunity to flourish!


6’10 2020 Peyton Brown (Team Winston) What a difference a year can make, Brown has put some serious work in the lab. Brown has harnessed some post moves, he’s running the floor extremely well and Brown was as aggressive as I’ve seen him on the boards. Brown is really coming along on both ends. Down low on the block Brown showed patience when gathering himself and establishing position, Brown has good hands and a feathery touch.

6’3 2020 LucRichard Rameau (NC Go Hard)-really found his rhythm after a slow start, Rameau is strong bodied two way wing. Rameau has put in work on the jumper and extended his range beyond the three.LUC

Rameau shot the rock with confidence the jumper looked smooth and fluid. Rameau is a physical presence on the floor, he can bully his way through the lane against smaller match ups, at the cup Rameau is a strong finisher and defensively he can guard anywhere on the perimeter, Rameau also has the strength to body up on smaller bigs as well.




2020 6’3 Andrew Mullins (Team Renegades)-Mullins is the other half of this dynamic Renegades back court. In the game I saw Mullins scored 24 points to add to his mates 25, Mullins and Shull have games that compliment each other well.phil mullens

Mullins was one of the best shooters on display, you can’t allow this kid any breathing room or Mullins will absolutely light you up. When the defense attempted to run Mullins off the three he lit them up off the bounce, Mullins has a bevy of moves in his bag. Mullins plays with flare and he’s slippery in space.





6’6 2020 Cason Pierce (NC Spartans)- Pierce came in known as a prospect with nice size and real shooting ability. Over the weekend given the opportunity to succeed in an expanded roll, Pierce really got to showcase the entire offensive arsenal.Cason

Pierce started things off getting loose behind the arc, but eventually moved in and did some damage around the bucket. Pierce has good length at 6’6, he’s smart with the rock and plays within his strengths. Pierce didn’t shy away from contact, he made some strong finishes and proved to be a reliable option for the Spartans on the block. Pierce’s efforts on the boards was eye catching, and he will commit on the defensive end.




6’3 2019 Cameron Kimble (Greensboro Warriors) Kimble provides end to end toughness for his side, Kimble is a dog and he really gets after it. Kimble is very vocal on the floor calling out screens and match ups.Cam Kim

In an age where all we seem to want us buckets Kimble is impacting the game in a variety of ways without having the rock, he’s competing for 50/50 balls and earning his side extra possessions. Kimble is a physical defender he’s strong and long enough to guard the one through three and possibly some fours at the DII/DIII levels. Kimble is a high I.Q. guy that won’t gamble, Kimble isn’t a liability on offense he works for clean up points, Kimble is constantly moving and cutting to find space at the rim. Kimble can finish with both hands and he isn’t afraid to absorb the contact.



5’11 2021 Jamarii Thomas (New Light Disciples)- Speaking of strapping up Thomas was personally the best on ball defender I saw on the day. Coming off an ACL injury Thomas looked healthy and possibly even stronger than before.J Thom

Thomas moves well laterally and he’s got quick hands, if feels like Thomas can anticipate where his man is going to dribble, and he swipes the rock before the opposition knows they were ripped. Thomas also looked good running the Disciples offense at the point, Thomas was tough to keep out of the lane, he’s got nice burst in the first step and Thomas is a reliable finisher around the cup. Thomas also knocked down some tough shots from the perimeter, only a sophomore his development will be fun to monitor over the next couple of seasons.