We’re back at it again invading the Gate City for some prime time hoops action, it’s the second weekend of AAU and the big boys came to play!


Greensboro, North Carolina- Day one was a movie we really kicked things off with a bang pairing up a slate of highs quality games, there was talent on display for all levels from high major division I to the division III ranks.

Some guys came in as household names around the travel hoops culture, and others came to prove once and for all they belong. Without further ado let’s dive into some stock risers that came and stole the show. This is a diverse group of guys all bringing different skill sets to the table, and for one reason or many they caught my eye, all these guys proved to be true game breakers!

6’1 2020 Jujuan Carr (WBC Elite) – At this point majority of the hoop state knows Carr can absolutely go, he gets in the lane on demand, a nice first step and a stocky frame allows Carr to pinball off defenders. Carr is a aggressive slasher he’s got strong hands and comes in full burst every time.J carr

The hype hasn’t gotten to Carr he plays with that same chip on his shoulder from last year, there really isn’t a glaring weakness to his game. Carr is polished all around at this point, we’ve seen him get it done on the big stages against higher touted competition. Carr is a junkyard dog on both ends, he will drive his match up into the ground. In WBC Elite’s first game Carr poured in a cool 19 pts, he just gets it done whatever you need Carr will get the job done. The jumper hasn’t been a weakness but it’s definitely a strength  now, Carr looked streaky at times, he doesn’t have to be on ball to score the rock. Carr won’t give an inch on defense he plays like it’s a personal challenge to shut his match up down. Carr will help win his coach a lot of games at the next level, meanwhile the coaches who missed out will be forced to deal with a major headache.




6’10 2020 Kuluel Mading (New Light Disciples) Mading has tremendous upside, he’s a reliable finisher around the cup, Mading punched the rock every chance he got. Mading has soft hands and nice touch in the lane. Mading runs the floor exceptionally well, he’s got a nice motor and he’s an underrated passer.Kuluel Mading

Mading has some ball skills and possess nice footwork on the block, it’s apparent now Mading has an understanding of positioning which has continued to help him strive on the boards. In pick N roll situations Mading could be a major weapon with his combination of three point shooting ability, plus the catch and finish demeanor running to the rim. Mading runs the floor on both ends, while the offense has progressed Mading’s defensive abilities may be his fastest route to playing time at the next level. Mading is 6’10 with a seven foot wingspan, an agile 6’10 with natural shot blocking ability. Mading has great timing off the jump and rarely got called for fouls, he sent a bevy of shots into the stands. Currently Mading holds an offer from Western Carolina.




6’4 2019 Noah Dunn (Greensboro Warriors)- Dunn was very productive through two tough contests, in his sides opener Dunn put up 23 points including 3-5 from behind the arc, he found his shooting stroke early and never looked back in game one. The defense quickly stopped sagging off but it was too late to contest, Dunn looked in great shape he’s slimmed down and found his wind since returning from an ACL injury months back.noah d

Dunn is back to the agile combo forward we’ve know him to be, he’s built tough but possess some finesse to his game. Dunn plays within himself and he’s a legitimate team player. Offensively Dunn can take slower forwards off the bounce, and abuse smaller defenders down low, Dunn takes on contact at the rim. Dunn is also a solid passer, it’s a skill that goes overlooked in his bag, Dunn sees the floor well from his position, he delivers timely passes out of the post. Division II and  Division III coaches have a chance to recruit a real winner, Dunn has a high basketball I.Q. and he’s a natural leader something every locker room could use.




2019 5’9 Lucas Capalbo (Team Wall SE) – Truly Capalbo is a straight up bucket, my first time seeing this prospect live and I was far from disappointed. The more I watched the more Capalbo showed, initially it was his vision and full court passing ability that caught my eye, the kid was literally flinging full court passes with a simple flick of the wrist, and both assist hit the target in stride.Lucas C

Capalbo then proceeded to completely take this game over with his innate scoring ability. In other words Capalbo was out here dropping bombs, he can get a bucket anyway you want it. Capalbo is absolutely saucey with the dribble he’s got a big bag of tricks to create space, if he gets any room to breathe, believe Capalbo is letting that thing fly. Capalbo is a marksman from deep his release is quick and he gets good rotation on the ball almost every time. Capalbo can also get it in off the bounce, he’s a creative finisher around the cup in a way smaller guards have to be buried in the lane among the trees, he did well using the rim to protect layup attempts. Capalbo took contact at the point of finish and still converted some tough looks. For local division II and division III schools in need of a late add to provide some scoring punch, Capalbo could potentially be a steal.




6’3 2022 Chase Lowe (Team CP3) – A new edition to CP3 this year and a talent that will snatch eyes on the EYBL circuit. Lowe is the type of player required to be successful, he’s the ultimate glue guy and a real stat sheet stuffer.Chase Lowe

Lowe is very well rounded on the court, he scores it from all three levels, Lowe is extremely unselfish and a gifted passer, and at 6’3 he isn’t afraid to battle on the boards. Lowe came off the bench when his side was down and provided a much needed spark on both ends, his leadership and toughness will be valuable to this group moving forward. Lowe is an athletic two way wing prospect, the jumper has continued to improve from deep, unlike a lot of younger guards Lowe looked comfortable in the mid range game, the pull up jumper is a necessity in today’s game. Lowe can get to the cup almost at will in space, he truly makes winning plays on both ends. Lowe has an advanced grasp of the game, he’s got some explosiveness but also possess the intangibles needed to succeed at the next level.


6’5 2021 Jacob Morgan (Carolina Riptide )- really advanced his stock in the state over the weekend, Morgan showed vast improvements in multiple areas. Morgan is a multifaceted wing prospect, he got hot from deep in the Rip Tide’s first game against team CP3, including consecutive three pointers to put his team back in the lead against CP3.J morg

Morgan can shoot over smaller guards/wings off the dribble or in spot up situations. Morgan can bore defenders to sleep at the line, but he’s got some bounce as well. If the defense is caught sleeping Morgan might catch you on the back door lob, the sneaky bounce could land you on a poster. Morgan can take his man off the dribble, the handle is steadily improving. Morgan is also a guy that can guard multiple positions he held his own in the paint, on the boards and lined up all over the floor, he’s a real inside-outside threat for this scrappy group.