Time flies when you’re having fun, another season of AAU is almost in the books!

Greensboro, North Carolina– The Phenom Hoops crew is going out with a bang here at the Summer Finale! The stars came out for one last go around, coaches at multiple levels flooded the sidelines in search of a late boost to 2019, and others got the jump on some classes of the future.

6’2 2022 LeBron Thomas (FIBA) – Well for starters Thomas Was easily in the running for top playmaker at the event, his poise, court vision and delivery is well beyond his years. It’s like Thomas sees the game in slow motion. Thomas sees the entire floor, he’s a gifted passer that threads the needle, Thomas has some zip on his passes. At times Thomas is so good at finding the open man, unexpected teammates struggle to keep up and secure the ball cleanly. Thomas also shot the ball better than we have seen, he’s turning into a true three level scoring threat.

6’9 2020 Dean Reiber (Vikings)– Reiber is a skilled multifaceted forward, Reiber is explosive and also posses high intangibles all in one package. At 6’9 Reiber handles the ball well for his size he can beat his man off the dribble, he’s a potential floor spacer with a reliable and fluid jumper as well. Reiber showed patience on the block, he’s got good footwork and a bevy of moves in the lane, whether he’s facing up or back to the basket Reiber can make plays. Reiber is also a willing passer especially out of the post, this is a part of his game that goes under appreciated.

6’0 2021 Jamarii Thomas (New Light Disciples)- I’m not sure anyone broke out like Thomas did, the kid absolutely set the stage and lit it up all weekend long. I’m not sure if I’ve seen anything like this, Thomas came back better and stronger after a severe ACL injury. Thomas is one of the most explosive and well rounded floor generals in the 2021 NC cycle, he will absolutely put his man through the rim. Thomas has a devastating first step, he showed keen body control evading and taking on contact at the rim. Thomas is a blow by waiting to happen, Thomas is also a capable shooter at this stage, he can spot up and knock down shots off the bounce. Defensively Thomas is hands down one of the best on ball defenders in the state.

6’4 2021 Gary Williams (Boo Williams Carolina)- Williams is one of the purest shooters I observed yesterday, he’s got nice form, he gets good rotation on the ball, and Williams can heat up in a hurry. Williams doesn’t necessarily need to dominate the ball to score it, Williams is constantly in motion searching for cracks in the defense. On ball Williams has a tight handle, and he can create separation for clean looks almost effortlessly. Williams made some tough all over the floor, shots off the dribble from deep and mid range, and at 6’4 he gets nice elevation which makes it even harder for the defense to contest. Williams had to play down low at times for a thin Boo Williams Carolina frontline, and he made shots back to the basket as well. Williams length is valuable on the defensive side as well, he has the length and size to guard multiple positions.