It’s July which means travel ball is back and in action, the Phenom Crew has invaded the other Carolina for a weekend full of hoops and storylines!

Fort Mill, South Carolina– The action didn’t waste any time picking up here at Comenius School, we had the pleasure of getting a jump on the new wave of talent 13U-15U, at this stage a lot of these underclassmen are relatively unknown and looking to break into the scene!

5'9 2022 Jordan Crawford (Team Charlotte) One of the streakiest shooters I saw on the day, Crawford can fill it up from deep in a hurry. In Team Charlotte’s first game he really opened the floor up with his three point shooting, he’s got a quick trigger, and he wasn’t bothered by the defense if Crawford is set more than likely it’s a bucket. Crawford utilized the pump fake efficiently to keep defenders off balance, when you’re a true shooter defenses have to respect it.

6'2 2021 Merdi Asunami (CC Elite)- This group featured the most athletic group of talent I saw Saturday; this group is long, they're fast and they really get after it on both ends. If you see the CC Elite on the schedule be ready for a track meet, that will surely be a physical contest. Asunami has a stocky build at 6'2 and he isn't afraid to bully his way through the lane, he converted several strong finishes through contact on the drive.

6'2 2023 Titus Ivy (Team United)- Another lengthy wing prospect with a multifaceted game already in the early stages. Ivy can make the three ball, he’s shifty in space and had little issue splitting the defense. Ivy got smooth buckets, it never looks like he’s working too hard offensively, at the cup when Ivy is fully extended it was tough for defenders to contest. Ivy ran the floor extremely well and wisely filled lanes correctly, in return he was rewarded in transition.

5'8 2023 Ronald Bridges Jr (Durham Hurricanes)-'Bridges Jr was the number one scoring option for this group on Saturday' he led the Hurricanes in scoring twice, he really got it done from all over the floor. Bridges Jr didn't see a shot he didn't like, he made shots at a high percentage from mid range, from behind the arc Bridges showed deep range, and consistency through both contests. Bridges Jr plays with flair, when his side needed a bucket Bridges Jr wanted the ball and came up with some plays.

6'3 2021 Walt Ghaffar (Carolina Wolves)– Ghaffar had as good a performance as anyone today I personally saw, he really showed the entire arsenal scoring the basketball. I'm expecting him to really breakout this July, he's got a consistent stroke from behind the arc, Ghaffar creates for himself off the dribble, and he can get to the cup off the drive. Ghaffar is a tough finisher at the rim, he can evade defenders, and he showed impressive body control adjusting shots mid air.

6'2 2022 Davion Joyner (Team TMP)- You can't help but admire the passion and energy Joyner steps onto the court with every game. One thing that stands out is Joyner's love for the game, he's a true competitor. Joyner provided a spark off the pine for this group immediately, he can create for himself and score the basketball, he's also a real asset defensively. Joyner can stroke it from deep, he drives to the basket hard and can convert with either hand. Joyner was also active on the boards.