The inaugural Phenom All American camp came into the weekend as somewhat of an enigma.

Greensboro, North Carolina– The Triad played host to the first-ever Phenom All American Camp, our brand and product are recognizable, but until Saturday we hadn’t conducted a true All American Camp.

This was another prime opportunity for prospects in the classes of 2020-2024, to get better and boost their profiles on the hardwood. There were some nationally known names in the building, along with some unheralded players looking to break on to the scene. National and local media slid in to catch all the action, the energy was high and the competition was intense. Oh did I mention, there was a three dribble rule in effect!

#63 6’0 2020 Isaac Parson (Kinston)- Parson was awarded “Mr. Playmaker” for his keen passing ability, no one saw the court better than Parson. Parson plays with good pace, he’s unselfish and understands how to make things easier for the guys around him, If there is a man open Parson will find them.

Parson has a tight handle, he’s quick in the open floor and Parson runs the break effortlessly. Parson is a guard you can trust to run the show, he has a great feel and decision-making ability. Parson can get his own shot off the dribble as well, he’s a tough finisher at the cup, and he shot it well from deep. Parson is a hard-nosed defender as well, he will put pressure on opposing ball handlers.

#65 6’2 2020 Lee Langstaff (Carolina Day)- Langstaff was easily one of the top scorers at the event. Langstaff is in the combo guard mold, at 6’2 he’s a prolific scorer he can fill it up from all over the floor, and he did all weekend long. Langstaff gets to the cup at will, he finishes in style, Langstaff showed impressive body control hanging in the air and evading defenders at the cup.

Langstaff is a blur in open space off the dribble, and he doesn’t mind contact on the point of finish. Langstaff is a streaky shooter and he can fill it up in bunches, Langstaff proved he wants the ball in the big moments when everything is on the line Langstaff can deliver.

#113 6’6′ 2020 Kahari Rogers (Liberty Heights)-Speaking of streaky shooters Rogers is right in the mix with the best of of the Hoop State. Rogers has excellent size and shooting touch from the perimeter, Rogers has deep range and a quick trigger. Rogers only needs to see one 3-ball fall and he’s locked in, Rogers also flashed some explosiveness at the cup.

Rogers dunks the ball hard and with no regard to willing defenders. Rogers can create off the dribble but he doesn’t need to dominate the ball to score it, he’s effective in catch and shoot opportunities. Rogers runs the floor hard, and he’s constantly moving around looking to carve out space.

#39 5’11 2020 Logan Botts (Forestview)- Botts won’t shake anyone up during the eye test, at 5’11 with a slender frame Botts isn’t an opposing presence. With all that being said Botts will absolutely light defenses up until they realize he’s the real deal. Botts is a heat check waiting to happen, he’s a shot taker and maker who isn’t the slightest bit trigger shy.

Botts plays the game with flair, he’s crafty with the basketball and good at creating space to get his shot off. Botts plays within his strengths and makes good decisions with the ball, if there is an opportunity to put it on the floor and attack the cup, Botts won’t hesitate to do so. Botts is crafty at the cup, and throughout the day he was able to set up guys around him, Botts can make plays with the rock.

#94 6’4 2020 Jayden Beloti (Apex Friendship)- Beloti was nearly impossible to keep out of the lane, he’s so shifty in space Beloti can maneuver through the smallest cracks in the defense and take on contact at the cup. Beloti finishes strong through contact, around the rim he was a capable finisher with either hand.

Beloti is a tough guard in the open floor if he gets momentum going downhill Beloti can cause all type of havoc. Beloti has a mean euro step in the bag, his stride is long and it covers a lot of ground. Beloti also looked confident from mid-range, his effort really stood out. Beloti plays hard on both ends, his motor is hard to match. Beloti does all the little things and still managed to average 19 ppg throughout the camp.

Quick Hitters

#108 6’6 2020 Holden Buchanan (Voyager) Buchanan is everything you need in a glue guy, Buchanan works hard down low on the glass, he will earn extra possessions for his side. Buchanan will rack up on hustle points and second-chance points, he’s going to grind and outwork his matchup. Buchanan gives his all on both ends he won’t slack on defense and plays with a non-stop motor running the floor.

#17 5’9 2021 Easton Ostert (Pinecrest)- Another smaller guard that plays the game with flair, Ostert was on a team with more highly touted players, yet he still managed to leave his mark over the weekend. Ostert pushed the tempo with the basketball, he showed a high I.Q. reading defenses and making decisions. Ostert is a knockdown shooter and he was creative around the cup, Ostert utilizes the rim to shield layup attempts from shot blockers.

#3 5’0 2024 Zehren Hilton (Community House Middle)- One of the youngest campers in attendance, Hilton didn’t allow that to deter him from being vocal and making an impact. I believe Hilton was one of the top shooters present regardless of class, he flashed deep range behind the arc. Hilton has a nice handle and feel for the game in the early stages.