The Phenom Southern Jam Showcase was a picking grounds for low major division ones to the NAIA schools in attendance.

Southern Jam Fest_2

With all the big boys out of town this was a prime week for staffs to discover diamonds in the rough and get the jump on some sleepers. This time of the year coaches are always looking to add a spark to the lineup.

A handful of players did their stocks serious justice so lets take a look at some Big Time Ballers!

6’0 2019 Narique Smith (Charlotte Clippers) – Physically Smith is stout at 6′ he’s an above average athlete, and Smith is a natural shot maker. Smith was efficient in open space he runs the break well, he’s tough to stay in front of and Smith really sees the floor. 

Smith also plays football so he brings that aggressive edge on the hardwood, Smith didn’t rely solely on athleticism, he’s a skilled guard with the ball. Smith embraces defensive he will smother his match up.


6’5 2020 Jalen King Joiner (Team Wall) – Joiner got everything he wanted yesterday in the lane, a lengthy forward who finishes in traffic. Joiner showed versatility he played some down low on the block as well as out on the perimeter.

At a springy 6’5 Joiner guards multiple positions and he’s an underrated shot blocker. Joiner has added confidence behind the arc and improved the handle over the summer.


6’2 2019 Justin Lowe (Team Cobras)- Lowe is a sharp shooting lefty, if defenders give Lowe any kind of space he’ll burn them. In laments terms if this was NBA 2K Lowe would definitely have the microwave badge, he only needs to see one go in and then its a wrap Smith is on go. 

Lowe isn’t limited to spotting up he can shoot it off the dribble and get to the cup if the defense overplays. Lowe is another versatile wing capable of guarding multiple spots on the floor and he will crash the glass.


5’10 2019 David Harris (Team Recruit) -bull dog on the floor, Harris won’t let anything by easy. The ultimate competitor and a true general on the floor, Harris can score if the team needs as we saw in a 18 point scoring performance,  but he’s a gifted passer Harris is accurate and delivers the ball on time.  

In pick N roll sets Harris was a smart decision maker with the rock. He is  an aggressive defender but Harris doesn’t gamble. He came up with some crucial stops for Team Recruit, Harris is a pesky on ball defender and he constantly denied his match ups off ball in crunch time.


5’11 2019 Cameron Fordham (Team Wall)– Fearless slasher at the cup, he proved very difficult to keep out of the lane. Fordham has a cold first step off the bounce, Fordham will find the smallest cracks presence within the defense. When synergy Elite went zone he show the shooting touch and Fordham is a willing playmaker. 

Fordham is a tough kid he’ll take the knocks and pop right back up every time, he was strong with the ball and rarely turned it over.