Time flies when you’re having fun, another season of AAU is almost in the books!

Greensboro, North Carolina– The Phenom Hoops crew is going out with a bang here at the Summer Finale! The stars came out for one last go around, coaches at multiple levels flooded the sidelines in search of a late boost to 2019, and others got the jump on some classes of the future.

6’3 2021 Elijah Jamison (Team Loaded NC)- Jamison came in the first game locked in attack mode, Jamison was able to get everything he wanted in the lane at the cup. Jamison is a tough matchup in space, he’s quick with the ball, it only takes one move and Jamison is past his man and ratting the rim with hard dunk. Jamison has a stocky build, his frame is built to absorb contact, Jamison is a polished mid range scorer, his ability to change gears and directions causes all types of havoc for defenders. Jamison will also communicate on both ends, defensively he takes things personal.

6’3 2021 Jamarien Dalton (Team F.L.Y.) – Dalton is one of the most under under appreciated point guards in a loaded NC 2021 cycle. Dalton is a kid that elevates his play to the level of more highly touted competition. Dalton plays with flair and explosiveness, he can play above the rim with the best of them, Dalton dropped some jaws with a one handed poster completed on a willing defender. Dalton went coast to coast and just took off down the middle of the lane, Dalton has steadily improved the jumper and has grown more confident from deep. Dalton showed some keen court vision as well, he delivered a handful of timely assists while running the show for Team F.L.Y.

6’10 2020 Kuluel Mading (New Light Disciples)- Mading has a chance to be truly special at this game, the physical tools he currently possess are mind blowing at 6’10. Mading can shoot the ball off the dribble, he runs the floor better than or equivalent to any big I’ve seen personally. Mading is agile in the open floor, he’s a true weapon in pick N roll sets where he can roll to the cup for lobs and running finishes, or pop out to the three point line and light defenses up. Mading’s defense alone should get him on the court sooner than later at the next level, he’s a natural shot blocker with elite length and excellent timing. Mading will went shots into the stands, grab them off the glass and run defenders down, he covers a lot of ground.

6’6 2020 Dstone Dubar (Charlotte Aces)- Dubar was in complete control of the game for his side, he controlled the tempo and utilized the entire floor to get where he wanted at the cup. Dubar is smooth and patient with the ball, on the drive he’s built for contact and initiated it at the cup, Dubar got going early from behind the arc, the lefty has a nice looking stroke, and can create separation off the bounce with ease. At 6’6 Dubar can also shoot over smaller guards, he’s got the skills to score from all three levels but also posses the court vision to run a team. Dubar is a gifted passer, and he won’t hesitate to make the extra pass, he’s a kid who will make things easier for the guys around him.

6’2 2021 Kade Darr (Team Winston)- Darr came out and scored the first 17 points for Team Winston against Team Synergy, in one half Darr was six for eight behind the three. Darr is an absolute sniper from deep, if he gets the feet set you may as well count it. Darr moves well off ball, I’ve personally seen him in several occasions and Darr is rarely ever caught stagnant, he understands floor spacing. Darr was hot from all over the floor, he’s got a nice fluid jumper and Darr gets excellent rotation on the basketball. When defenses attempted to run Darr off the three point line, he didn’t hesitate to put the ball on the floor and attack the cup. Darr is a scrappy defender and physical games don’t seem to shake him much.