The lone Spring live period is upon us and we wouldn’t want to spend it anywhere other than the great city of Spartanburg, hundreds of players from rising freshmen to unsigned seniors are coming in with something to prove!

Spartanburg, South Carolina- The Phenom Hoops crew is back at it again for another action-packed live period, two things you can count on players will be tested competition wise and those who perform will have opportunities to pick up offers from on looking coaches.

I had the pleasure of taking in all the action at Bob Jones University and Broome high school all weekend, and for majority of 14U -16U prospects in these stages they’re looking to break onto the radar. Some came in with reputations that proceeded them but majority came to prove they belong!


6’3 MacArthur Washington Jr (Upward Stars)

– Washington Jr showed up on championship Sunday in the form of a 24 piece for the Upward Stars. Washington Jr proved to be a strong finisher, he’s tough attacking the basket and embraces the contact. Washington Jr locked in down the stretch in a tight game vs Juice All Stars, it went down to the wire and Washington came in clutch.

Washington Jr wanted the rock when the game was on the line, he bullied his way into the lane and converted a contested and one. Washington Jr also showed nice range from three, and defensively he came up big as well.


5’7 2022 David Kennedy (Columbia Hoyas Elite)

– Kennedy can flat out stroke the leather, he really showed great form and got good rotation on the ball almost every time. In the first half Kennedy connected on five 3-pointers to kickstart the Columbia Hoyas. Kennedy was in full on heat check mode, it felt like he was shooting a beach ball into the ocean everything was falling.

Kennedy moves well off the ball and he’s consistently ready to let it rip upon the catch, Kennedy really spaces the floor and opens things up offensively for his side. Kennedy is a scrappy defender he moves well laterally and gets underneath taller guards.

6’4 2022 Zavion Bianchini – (Team Carolina Asheville)

– Bianchini showed some nice upside at the forward position for Team Carolina Asheville, he was patient and poised on the block. Through the weekend Bianchini was a reliable finisher in the post for his side, he’s got a high motor and Bianchini was a glass cleaner he continuously earned second-chance points for Asheville. This group took some lumps but Bianchini continued to play hard and give max effort, he’s a long 6’4 and runs the floor extremely well with a long stride. Bianchini can guard multiple positions he showed versatile on defense when switches occurred.

5’9 2022 Yabidel Cruz Calzada (Fayetteville Spartans)

– Calzada overall was the best player on the floor for the Spartans through the entire weekend he finished with double digits in every game. Calzada is a hard-nosed combo guard, he attacked the basket aggressively and took some tough falls in the process. The knocks didn’t bother Calzada he was persistent on the drive and was effective finishing at the cup and creating opportunities off the bounce, Calzada also flashed the range from behind the arc. Along with Calzada the Spartans took some bumps but this group as a whole remained resilient throughout the showcase.

Meech Simmons

5’10 2022 Demetri “Meech” Simmons (Team TMP)

– Simmons is a talented lead guard and definitely etched his name with the upper echelon of pg’s represented in the 2022 class this weekend. TMP had some tough moments but Simmons manned the ship and kept this group pushing.

Simmons can score the rock from all three levels, he stretched the defense with his range from behind the arc, Simmons first step is a blow by waiting to happen and he’s a creative finisher at the cup. Simmons can evade contact and utilizing impressive body control, and at times he used the rim to keep springy shot blockers at bay. Simmons has no trouble running the show either he sees the floor extremely well and if there is an opening Simmons will find it.