The prestigious NC Top 80 has hosted the top talent in all of the Hoop State the last several years, this years edition didn’t disappoint.

Greensboro, North Carolina- Phenom Hoops NC Top 80 camp is unique in it’s own right, due mostly in part to the amass of talent assembled together under one roof for competition. This camp provides coaches, media and, spectators alike an opportunity to see all these studs battle it out to prove the best of the best.

This camp has served as a platform to launch names into the national media in past years, this stage is one of the ultimate proving grounds in North Carolina. With no further a due let’s welcome in my first set of big-time ballers, these guys stood out to me personally for multiple reasons.


#91 6’6 2021 Omarion Bodrick


– Lots of upside here for the youngster Bodrick, there are a lot of things he does well on the floor. Bodrick is a long athletic slasher with nice bounce and a non-stop motor. Off the bounce Bodrick got into the lane and finished strong, Bodrick has the length to extend over the defense almost effortlessly, he follows his shot Bodrick will attack the glass and bang with the big boys.

Bodrick could rely solely on athleticism but he’s a skilled wing with the rock, he flashed some serious court vision and playmaking ability. Bodrick can guard any position on the floor, he’s quick enough laterally to matchup with guards, and as a natural shot blocker Bodrick alters the shots of opposing bigs in the paint. Bodrick sent a handful of shots into the stands on Sunday, the young man is a real competitor.

#83 6’6 2022 DJ Nix

DJ Nix

– Nix looked a lot more comfortable shooting the ball and creating off the dribble from the wing. When I last spoke with Nix the jumper and ball handling were two things he wanted to sharpen, it’s apparent the extra focus is paying early dividends. As a freshman Nix already possess a reliable back to the basket game, these newly acquired ball skills only add to the arsenal.

Nix is still growing so ultimately his true position is still a mystery but facts are Nix has an advanced feel for the game. Nix is unselfish and makes winning plays on both ends, an improving passer especially out of the post. If Nix can continue to polish the mid-range game and beyond the sky’s the limit with him, defensively he’s committed Nix has no problem switching on screens to match up with guards. Nix is an active shot blocker and he eats up the glass on both ends.

#38 6’2 2020 Jackeen Herbin


– Herbin is a natural bucket getter in every sense of the phrase and no one really had an answer for him through most of the day. Herbin scored in double figures in two of three total games, Herbin continuously carved out space to get clean shots off from mid-range and beyond. Herbin established himself almost immediately, through game one Herbin didn’t see a shot he didn’t like.

Herbin was aggressive at a point where some prospects can be timid in a camp setting amongst unfamiliar players. Herbin is a stocky 6’2 and he found his way into the lane plenty as well, Herbin initiated the contact and finished strong at the cup.

#69 6’4 2022 Kheni Briggs


– One of the freshmen in attendance Briggs brought his grown man game on Sunday. The class of ‘22 is so loaded in the NC cycle it’s understandable why Briggs could go a bit under appreciated, but I assure you Briggs is absolutely the goods. Defenses couldn’t keep Briggs out of the paint, Briggs covers a lot of ground with his stride and he’s explosive off the bounce. Briggs literally hangs in the air and has the body control to adjust mid shot to avoid defenders en route to a crispy finish.

Briggs doesn’t say much but his game talks a big talk and he really leads by example. As good as Briggs is currently he has a ways to go to reach his full potential. If Briggs can harness a consistent jumper and continue to develop his natural passing ability Briggs is a lock high major prospect, defensively Briggs wants to guard your best player every time.

#46 6’3 2022 Chase Lowe


– Another kid who may be a bit overshadowed in the ‘22 class, Lowe has a solid overall game he’s a stat sheet stuffer. Lowe seemed focused on getting other guys involved initially, it was refreshing to see Lowe running the break and orchestrating the offense from a lead guard role at times.

Lowe played unselfishly and took everything the defense gave, Lowe found slashers with timely well-placed assists, Lowe also showed off his own offensive arsenal. Lowe is a strong finisher and he’s creative off the dribble, he’s more crafty than quick but that’s no knock on his athleticism. Lowe runs the floor better than most, he’s highly active on both ends, Lowe plays the right way he won’t force the action and values every possession. Lowe could be in for a big travel season if he keeps taking the court with this assertiveness.