6'3 2021 Umar Lawson (Upward Stars Pee Dee) Lawson should be one of the breakout names after this weekend. First off if you haven't seen the viral clip of him going Eastbay mid-game, then proceeding to land a backflip, check it out! Aside from that, he's a prospect that's continued to improve, Lawson is an elite level athlete at this stage which allows him to explode past defenders and finish in style. On the other side, he's one of the best on-ball defenders you'll see in SC's 2021 cycle. Lawson possesses a Non-stop motor & his confidence is growing in the 3 ball. There is a nice upside here, regional low majors and division II programs should hop on now.

6'6 2021 Ayden Baker (PSB)- Baker won't scare anyone during the initial eye test, but he is a skilled prospect that was producing around the rim today when called on, and Baker can also step out on the wing and do damage. Baker can take his guy off the dribble, he steps out confidently and shoots the three-ball. Baker took advantage of a smaller opposing frontline and imposed his will. He's skilled enough on the block to give some reliable minutes at the Division II level and guards multiple spots. Baker is long, rangy and athletic, along with that he has a post package to create separation for clean looks.

6'4 2022 Grant Strong (TN Bobcats) Strong was a steady source of offense for the TN Bobcats all Saturday. This group took some lumps, but Strong stayed resilient and continued to make shots and defend all over the floor. Strong is a high I.Q. kid who understands spacing extremely well and the importance of getting open without the ball. Strong has a nice fluid release and he gets good rotation on the ball, he also possesses a solid frame, that allows him to flourish in physical contests.

6'4 2021 Michael Myrie (Team Hickory), Myrie was easily one of the best on-ball defenders I've seen in the last 2 days here in Rock Hill. Myrie has the determination, length, and range to cover a lot of ground. To me Myrie seems to take locking his guy down personal, Myrie truly works to make his matchup uncomfortable for 94 feet. Myrie's defense along could make him a quality to add at the next level, lower division 1's and division II's should take a look. Myrie can score it from all three levels, he's a contact finisher, and he's shot the ball at a high clip from all over this weekend.

6'2 2022 Gabe Proctor (Tea Marie Hoops) Proctor competes every second he's in the game, it feels as if he plays every game like it's his last one. Proctor is a known shot taker and maker deserving so, because the kid can stroke the leather, he's a shooter with a short memory and that's always a plus. Proctor is an intelligent decision-maker with the rock he makes the smart play typically, and won't force the issue. He came up with some big shots against a talented Team Curry squad, in a game that went down to the wire. Aside from that, he's a scrappy and a willing defender, Proctor won’t quit no matter the circumstances.