6’6 2022 Nolan Hodge (NC Gators)- Hodge already committed to Unc Wilmington came in today in full attack mode, and it seemed like he had a message to send. Hodge, always a team player, was more aggressive than we’re used to seeing. Hodge completely took over the game at times and showed he can score anywhere on the floor when he feels like it. Hodge was also locked in on the defensive end.

6’6 2022 Julius Harrison (NC Gators)- In the backcourt with Hodge, Harrison really got hot early from behind the arc. He’s a streak shooter with good size for the position, and Harrison proved he can fill it up spurts. Harrison has a nice range and had no issues shooting over smaller guards. Harrison also utilizes that length on defense and impressed guarding multiple positions.

6’2 2022 Omari Bolden (Big Shots Winston)- Bolden is a prospect that has continued to progress on the court, and build confidence. Bolden had to be the focal point of the offense for Winston, known as one of the best shooters in the state, he solidified that even more today. Bolden continues to improve the handle and didn’t hesitate to put in on the floor and attack the cup. Bolden welcomes contact and finished through at times.

6’0 2022 Jackson Hartzell (NC Spartans)- Hartzell was the spark plug for the Spartans today, any time they needed a big shot, Hartzell was taking and making them. Hartzell got clean looks within the flow of the offense, I was impressed with his constant movement and understanding of spacing in half-court and transition opportunities. Hartzell doesn’t need to dominate the ball to be effective offensively and impact the game.

6’4 2023 Julius Reese (THG)- Reese has had a productive summer and that momentum has carried into the live period, Reese sets the tone immediately defensively, on the ball he’s constantly smothering opposing guards. Reese doesn’t allow his matchup to establish a rhythm, he’s got sound footwork and covers a lot of space laterally. Reese is extremely active all over the court and understands the importance of communication. Offensively Reese touches the paint regularly and gets to the free-throw line often.

6’4 ‘22 Daniel Lubamba (Charlotte Royals)- Lubamba is a kid I see with rising stock, in the hoops current state the athletic three & D guys are coveted at the next level. Lubamba fits that mold, he’s more adept getting to the cup, but given space he can burn the defense from deep. Lubamba has a frame built for contact, and you instantly notice watching him, Lubamba does all the little things to win games. Lubamba will hit the floor for those crucial 50/50 balls, he’s a terror guarding the ball and he anticipates the action in passing lanes.

5’11 ‘22 Marcus Willis (Charlotte Royals)- Willis is a floor general that you can comfortably hand the keys to the offense to, and trust he will make smart decisions. Willis is the type of guard players love to team up with, he’s effective in space and gets the ball out quick in transition. Willis hits guys in their spots and makes life easier for teammates, he’s also a very capable scorer from all three levels on the floor. Willis has natural leadership characteristics, and he displays poise during crunch time.

6’1 2023 Nigel Vincent (NL Disciples)- Vincent’s mid-range game really caught my eye, especially at a time when it feels like a lost art. Vincent makes shots consistently off the dribble, he’s got a quick release which at even his size is tough to block for defenders. Vincent didn’t over-dribble and found plenty of space around the stripe to knock down shots. Vincent can get hot quickly, and if defenders play too close he can blow by and cause problems in the paint.