6'3 2022 Lebron Thomas (FibaSC)- Thomas has been somewhat passive at times in the past but those days are obviously over, he has been in full attack mode all weekend, Thomas came down to Rock Hill with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Thomas absolutely lived in the paint, defenders struggled to stay in front of him and zones didn't suffice either. Thomas has an advanced layup package, ]he's crafty enough to slip past defenders and athletic enough to finish over the bigs down low. Thomas also shot the ball well from mid-range, a lost art in today's game. Thomas is a guy that can get to the free throw line at will, but he still possesses the advanced court vision and passing abilities that initially grabbed our attention years ago.

6'4 2022 William Penland (NLPB Big Cats)- Penland has been one of the top players for this group all weekend, he gets his buckets but is selfless at the same time, and gets looks within the flow of the offense. Penland came out Sunday on a mission, taking defenders off the bounce and getting consistent paint touches. Penland doesn't have to dominate the ball to be effective, but he makes his touches count. Penland can facilitate for others at times, and can guard multiple spots on switches when needed.

6'1 2021 Zavier Measmer (Team Loaded 757 Bowman)- Measmer showed a high I.Q. on the court, he realizes his strengths on the court and plays towards them. Measmer doesn't force the issue or play outside of himself, he's a shot-maker, off the bounce, coming off screens, catch and shoot, it didn't matter Measmer knocked them down. He's comfortable putting the ball on the floor if the defense runs him off the three line.

2022 Warner Davis (Team Hardaway)- Davis has been strapping up all weekend defensively willing to guard the opposition’s best player on a game-by-game basis. Warner moves well laterally and covers a lot of space, he anticipates the action and disrupts opposing ball handlers. Sunday Davis was in his bag offensively, it was refreshing to see his appreciation for the mid-range game. Davis can stop on a dime in transition and stick the mid-range pull-up, he also made the defense respect his shot from behind the arc when given space. Davis plays hard and it's obvious he loves the game.

5'11 2024 Delani Hammonds (Team Synergy)- Hammonds a true pass-first point guard, who relishes opportunities to set up the guys around him. Hammonds doesn't over-dribble and won't hesitate to make the extra pass. Hammonds has a tight handle, and can blow by defenders and touch the paint when he needs to. Hammonds is also a capable three-point shooter with deep range, but his biggest asset is natural court vision and overall feel for the game. Defensively Hammonds plays with energy and active hands he'll get steals, and physicality doesn't seem to shake him. I was impressed with his composure at such a young age, he has natural leadership capabilities