The annual Give God the Glory Showcase delivered once again as the Phenom Hoops crew pulled up to the Gate City to get all the action jumping!

Greensboro, North Carolina- This showcase had a good blend of breakout stars and some undervalued players on the recruitment trail really proved their worth, Sunday my phone was buzzing about the action the word is out and their is still valuable talent available to add in the 2019 cycle.  I had the privilege of taking in all  the action on court two at Northwest Guilford. Lets dive into several standouts that stole the show and commanded attention early on!


6’0 2021 Jahan Owens (Truth Generation)- Owens scored in double figures three straight gams, including a second and third game that followed directly after one another. Owens is tough as nails at the point guard position, a kid with a very high motor on both ends in the early stages.

OwensOwens flashed three level scoring ability, in the open floor Owens is a tough guard, he’s quick and has a longer than average stride. Owens can finish with either hand and won’t avoid contact, he only needs a smidge or space to slide by his matchup. Owens can switch gears instantly to throw defenders off balance, he posses good body control mid air and can stop on a dime for the pull up jumper. Owens also connected on a few spot of threes. Defensively Owens is an above average shot blocker at the guard spot, and he will battle on the glass in the rebounding effort.





6’1 2022 Omari McGregor (Black Top Kings)- The purest scorer I personally saw, flat out McGregor is a walking bucket. McGregor averaged 23.5 points through two games, he can score it from all three levels. McGregor is truly a threat from anywhere on the floor, from three McGregor showed deep range and a quick trigger.MCgregor

McGregor is good off the dribble and a tough cover in space. McGregor posses a reliable mid range game as well, he knocked down multiple fadeaways. McGregor is a strong slasher he’s aggressive at the cup. At this stage McGregor, can slide into either guard spot with his scoring ability, and he’s physical enough to guard the two.





5’11 2022 Jeyvian Tatum (Team Thunder)- Tatum is a straight dog on the court, a walking blow by off the dribble Tatum’s first step was devastating. Tatum got everywhere he wanted on Saturday and took all the contact at the cup, he gets nice lift and showed impressive body control adjusting in mid air.Jayvian

Tatum anchored Team Thunder to a come from behind win against a talented Capital City Pacers unit. Tatum changes direction effortlessly and can stop on a dime for the mid range pull-up, in space Tatum makes quick reads with the basketball. Tatum has quick hands He actively jumped passing lanes and stripped opposing ball handlers. Tatum is an above average rebounder at the guard spot, he can really get up and sky for boards.





5’8 2022 Reginald Robertson jr (Black Top Kings- He plays with a major chip on his shoulder, Robertson Jr is full throttle on every possession, he won’t take plays off. Robertson almost snatched a soul on an attempted poster, Robertson was one of the quickest guards with the basketball I watched. Reginald Robertson

Robertson was good in the lane getting shots off over bigger defenders. Robertson also possess superb court vision, he attracts a lot of attention on the drive and, when defenses closed in he sliced them up like a surgeon, Robertson delivered timely dimes. Robertson makes some flashy plays but he didn’t commit many turnovers. Robertson proved capable of running the offense, defensively he pressures the rock and makes opposing ball handlers uncomfortable.





6’2 2021 Donavon Martin (Capital City Pacers)- Martin is an explosive athlete who flourishes playing above the rim. Martin has a stocky frame built for contact, Martin comes through the lane on a mission and looking to put one on defenders heads, Martin doesn’t need much space to take off.

Martin caught a victim in his first contest on the break, Martin flushed a vicious one handed tomahawk over a poor soul brave enough to jump with him, Martin doesn’t just rely on athleticism, he’s also skilled with the basketball. Martin made some tough shots off the dribble, he gets great elevation on the jumper which makes it tough to contest, Martin also has the motor and physical tools to be a lock down defender. Martin is one to keep an eye on in the 2021 class, it’s a deep NC class and he could find himself trending up sooner than later.