The annual Phenom Hoops David Rose Memorial Day Classic delivered us some big-time performances, key storylines, and collection of breakout prospects coaches need to put some eyes on.

Greensboro North Carolina– The David Rose Memorial Day Classic is an event that carries a message and meaning deeper than competition on the hardwood. It’s the story of ultimate sacrifice and selflessness than others, this event brings all of us together to celebrate, but it also provides a premium stage for athletes to showcase their talent in front of coaches offering opportunities.

6’3 2021 Russell Felton Jr (Team United)- Felton Jr is an intriguing two-way prospect who does a lot of things well, overall he’s a stat sheet stuffer that can impact the game on both ends. Felton Jr didn’t necessarily need the basketball to create opportunities, he followed missed shots and capitalized on second-chance points.RJ Felton

Felton Jr showed versatility defensively guarding multiple spots, he lined up down low and on the perimeter. Felton Jr is an explosive athlete, he can create for himself, Russell Jr has star talent but also has the motor to chase down 50/50 balls. Russell Jr is a strong finisher, he’s physical and won’t shy from contact. He was a real zone breaker in the middle for United, his passing and mid-range shot making ability caused all types of havoc.

6’2 2019 Nasir Johnson (Carolina Knights)- One of the most complete floor generals on display this weekend, there aren’t many holes in Johnson’s game. Johnson earned a tough 20 piece in the contest I saw, he got smooth buckets from all three levels.nasir

Johnson makes the game look easy, he controlled the tempo and got everywhere he wanted on the court. Johnson won’t allow other guards to speed him up, a sound decision maker with the basketball, Johnson makes things easier for the guys around him. Overall Johnson is vocal on the floor, he’s a natural leader and a winner.

5’10 2019 Tucker Dalton (Renegades) Dalton is an absolute sniper from deep, he scorched the nets for 22 points in a tough loss for the Renegades. After a slow first half Dalton went off for 19 points in the second half, easily one of the best shooting performances I saw on the weekend.

Dalton has a quick trigger and volleyball line range to boot, he’s constantly in motion off ball, curling off screens and making backdoor cuts. Dalton doesn’t need much room and with the quick release he’s almost immediately ready to shoot upon the catch. Dalton is a potential zone breaker, he really opened things up on the wing for this group.

Davis Grooms

6’3 2020 Davis Grooms (Charlotte Royals)- Grooms made up half of a very talented backcourt for the Royals, Grooms finished with 16 points in their first contest, and did it in style.

Grooms is a sneaky athletic wing prospect, he’s a streaky shooter and that is capable of heating up in a hurry. Grooms showed versatility scoring the rock, he got buckets off the dribble, the catch and shoot, and filled lanes correctly where he was rewarded during transitions in the process. Grooms is a long 6’3, he’s a solid on-ball defender and showed quick hands racking up several steals in the process. Grooms plays with flare he won’t shy away from the big moment late in games.

Carson L

6’3 2020 Carson Lomax (NC Spartans)- Lomax is a basketball player through and through, he truly understands the game’s ins and outs. Lomax plays the right way, he’s got a high basketball I.Q. and excellent play recognition.

Lomax finished with a cool 13 points in the contest I saw, flat out the kid is a shot maker who doesn’t take bad shots. Lomax created looks off the dribble, he moves well and covers a lot of ground. Lomax can stretch the floor with his three-point shooting, he’s a viable pick N roll option. On both ends the kid is an absolute competitor, he’s always around the ball trying to make a play. Lomax competed hard on the boards and defensively he guards multiple positions.