Ebrima Jabbi

2024 7'0 Ebrima Jabbi (Combine): Jabbi was a new name that popped onto the scene after a strong weekend at the event. A true 7-footer, Jabbi could be far from a finished product but understands what he needs to do on the court. He showed good hands, was incredibly assertive on the glass, altered and blocked shots, and displayed good touch around the basket; nothing flashy but just production. Start learning more about him.

2023 7'0 Kenan Parrish (Triple Threat): The unsigned senior was back on the court and it is hard not to like what he brings with his size and skill set. Again, he has developed incredibly well over the last two years, and now Parrish is showing how strong he can be in the paint on both ends but also his ability to step out and be a threat.'

2024 7'0 Chol Machot (WS Lions): Machot had a solid high school season but he could be in for an even bigger summer as he has adjusted nicely to the game here and has only added more to his game. Machot's length, mobility, shot-making capabilities, and impact on both ends quickly grab your attention, and the fact that he could only get better certainly should be attracting eyes his way.

2026 6'8 Cody Peck (CC Elite): It was good to see Peck back on the court again, and one can see that he continues to develop nicely as he gets older and more experience. Just a young forward, Peck gives you those flashes that make him very interesting, especially with him becoming more explosive, more assertive, and continuing to show how fluid he can operate on the court.

2026 6'8 Rivers Knight (Team United): From what we saw on the court from Knight, the future looks extremely bright for him and should get you excited about what he could ultimately be at the end of his HS career. Knight has one of the best releases and shots as a big man here in North Carolina; great touch and feel for the game that allows him to operate from so many levels. But he continues to display his impact on the boards and around the paint.

Mark Caslaru

2026 6'8 Mark Caslaru (Next Level SC): Phenom Hoops was the first to introduce you to Caslaru back in 2022, and he is back and has only gotten bigger and more intriguing. He utilizes his size well, controls the glass, and knows how to use his size to his advantage. He also shows glimpses of his ability to stretch the court at times.' He is a name that I would start paying attention to early to see how he continues to develop.

2023 6'6 Emmanuel Black (NC Big Shots): Walking away from the event, Black was a name that impressed me overall with what he was able to provide.' The 6'6 forward just does what is needed on the court; runs the floor, is always active and engaged, finds the open spots on the court, plays with a high motor, attacks the glass with his athleticism, and finishes nicely around the basket.' Liked the overall energy he played with throughout the event.

2023 6'7 Tim Hall (Team EAT): Talk about energy and underrated, Hall is one that I believe more schools could look at late in the game and get a very good workhorse and piece for the coming years. The 6'7 prospect is athletic and explosive and simply is relentless in his work around the basket and on the boards. Hall had a monster year at Westminster and only continued that at the event. He is one that should deserve more looks.

2023 6'8 Asa White (Combine): White is a name we have mentioned before and watching him again this weekend, he could be a valuable piece on the court for a team. White simply does what is needed of him, and uses his athletic frame to help him finish over defenders, move well around the paint, and be a nice piece on the boards.' White doesn't get the attention others do, but he helps teams win.