The NC Top 80 is a platform for the top players in the state. However, each year there are some players flying under the radar that uses this platform to set the tone for their recruitment and overall resume. Today, we are going to look at a few players that deserve recognition for their outstanding play at the 4th Annual NC Top 80 camp.

6'4 '18 Trey Murphy (Cary Academy)

Based upon the Phenom Hoop Report's NC 2018 rankings, Trey Murphy would have been a long short to make the NC Top 80 event. After an outstanding junior season where he scored at a prolific rate, we extended him an invitation and boy, are we glad we did. In the three camp games, Murphy averaged 23.7 PPG and scored 14, 30, and 27 points respectively. However, it was his hot shooting touch that grabbed the attention of everyone in the gym. In the three games, Murphy hit four, nine and eight three-pointers and was without question the best shooter in the camp. Murphy is still extremely thin and will need to add strength and weight, however the long armed and wirily frame should transition well at the collegiate level. While he doesn't sport any D1 offers at the moment, look for that to change sooner rather than later. Like another Durham Hurricane travel ball player Carter Collins, both are late bloomers that are well grounded. The humble Murphy understands our motto as well as anyone, 'It's not where you start, but where you finish is most important.' For D1 coaches, you better jump quickly on the Trey Murphy bandwagon. It's going to fill us quick.

6'9 '18 Blake Preston (Charlotte Christian)

Blake Preston checks in at no. 10 in our latest Phenom Hoop Report NC 2018 ranking. One may ask, how is someone ranked in the top 10 listed in the biggest stock boosters' Well, for one we were ahead of the bell curve on Preston. Second, Preston averaged 22 PPG and had scoring games of 39, 12 and 15 respectively. Preston has been recruited mostly by lower tier D1 schools along with some mid majors, but after his performance at the NC Top 80, look for his stock to explode and don't be surprised to see high majors watching him closely during the April NCAA 'live period.' We're talking about another late bloomer that has enjoyed a tremendous growth spurt over the past year. He has passer friendly hands and nifty footwork in the paint. More importantly, he runs the floor as well as any big we have seen this year. He is a high IQ player that makes winning plays time after time. While he will need to be somewhat more athletic, one thing is for certain; Blake Preston has all the physical tools to be a high effective player at the appropriate D1 level, not to mention the multiple numbers of intangibles that he brings to the table.