As a sophomore, Sydney Curry stands 6'8', he is 240 solid pounds, and he has a wing span of 7'. Not to mention that at the Indiana Top 80 in October, Curry measured a 30' standing vertical jump. So physically, the sophomore at Horizon Christian Academy is ready.

However, when you evaluate the skill set of the player, you immediately see that he is above and beyond there as well. The lefty has a great face up game that mixes well with his footwork on the block. He does a good job posting up, where he shows a go-to move and a counter.

Facing up, he has touch that extends beyond the 3 point arc, but he makes his living at the free throw line extended. It is there where he faces up and attacks off one and two dribbles or he shoots the soft jump shot.

A lot of people will compare his game to fellow Indiana native Zach Randolph. Being a thick lefty with face up skills that makes sense. We are also able to see some skill traits of guys David West and Elton Brand lurking around in there as well.

After attending the prestigious Indiana Top 80 this past October, we wrote, 'Curry is one of the better players in the state of Indiana. The lefty is skilled with his face up game, has touch, and great hands/feet on the block. There is some Zach Randolph to his game. Curry's camp coach Bronson Lickliter stated, 'Curry has a high major body. He is polished with his back to the basket showing a go-to and counter move. When he faced up he was able to make jump shots or get downhill.'

Curry's game is rapidly coming along. Last year, as a freshman playing on varsity at Bishop Luers, Curry averaged 11.3 points, 9 boards, and 1.5 blocks per game. After a year where he stayed in the gym and grew two inches, Curry transferred to crosstown Horizon Christian Academy. As a sophomore, the Fort Wayne native is averaging 20.1 point, 14.3 boards, 4 assists, and 2.6 blocks.

Horizon Christian Academy is out to a 10-4 record, behind the incredible play of Curry. Already he has offers from Bradley and IUPUI. However, he is hearing consistently from the likes of Iowa, Purdue, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Florida, and many others.

We don't think there is a question Curry is a Top 100 type talent and the cream will continue rising to the top.