Player: Tylis Jordan
Class: 2025

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Jordan continues to shine on the bright stage and schools are really looking hard towards 2025 6í9 Tylis Jordan at Shiloh High School down in Georgia.  As one can see, we caught up with Jordan last year about all the latest, but things have been picking up for the forward as new interests have been coming his way.  We spoke with Jordan to catch up on the latest in his recruitment.

Phenom: How has everything been going to start the season?
Jordan: Everything has been going well. The team, as well as myself, have been off to a very hot start.

Phenom: What has been your mindset to start the season? Goals and focus for the season?
Jordan: My mindset is to go out there and kill everything. Show everyone that Iím legit and that has been my drive so far this season; prove all doubters wrong.

Phenom: What has been going on recruiting-wise as of late for you?
Jordan: New programs that have offered have been Georgia Tech, USF, and Illinois. Iíve picked up heavy interests from UConn, Kansas, and Marquette.

Phenom: What have those schools been saying your way?
Jordan: They really love what Iíve been doing so far and being able to play all over the court offensively and defensively. Being that vocal leader for my team and solidifying that alpha dog mentality. You know coaches love myself to go along with my size and long frame, so that is really intriguing them the most.

Phenom: Have you been able to speak to any of those schools showing interest?
Jordan: Iíve been directly talking to Marquette. UConn and Kansas have been through my coach. Kansas is supposed to be coming to my practice soon.

Phenom: Been racking up offers. Who would you say has built a strong relationship with you early on?
Jordan: Iíd say it has been even, every program has been doing a great job as far as relationship and communication, so it is really been a tough process to try and eliminate someone.

Phenom: Made some visits. How did those go overall and what did you take away from them?
Jordan: The visits so far have gone well. Pretty much every program is transitioning into that NBA-type style of basketball. What I mean by that is having very versatile and hybrid wings that can play make, playing their 2-4. I feel that is where the game is headed and that is the type of player I am.

Phenom: Any future visits or schools you would like to visit?
Jordan: None planned but once spring hits, Iíll probably be on a ton of visits. I would like to check out some of my new offers and interests like UConn, Kansas, and Marquette. Even Illinois and SMU; Iím interested to see what all those schools have to offer.

Phenom: Overall, what are you looking for in a school?
Jordan: Iím looking for the style of play and how they use those guys that are at my position and my height, not just offensively but defensively.

Note: Coach Barnes from Tennessee recently came to visit Jordan during practice. ďHe just told me to continue to work and Iím a priority for them and would love to get me back to Rocky Top soon.