6’3 2021 Xavion Atkinson: Garner Road 15U (Whitley)

Atkinson fits the 2018 mold of position-less basketball to a tee with his ability to fit in based on who is on the floor with him.' If you need him to handle the ball and initiate the offense, he does that well, if you need him to set up in the high post and run your offense through him there, it’s all good.' He’s got excellent vision, but his best attribute is attacking the basket and getting to the line.' He’s another kid that’s next in line with an excellent Garner Road Program.

5’11 2021 Benjamin Hines: Garner Road 15U (Whitley)

Hines is one of the best shooters in his age group I’ve seen all summer with his unmitigated confidence when jacking up perimeter jumpers.' He knocked down five of those bad boys and was the most constant offensive presence throughout on a really talented Garner Road Whitley Team.' He has a high IQ as well, not forcing anything, just simply taking what was given to him and capitalizing on the opportunity.

6’0 2021 Donovan Gibbs: RNS Sports 15U

This kid is so incredibly scrappy that you have to respect the way he performs on every single possession.' His team was overmatched from a talent perspective, but he still found a way to produce for his squad, grabbing rebounds, getting to the line, and establishing himself as the toughest kid on the court.

6’1 2021 Brent Randleman: Team Quest 15U

Randleman did an excellent job finding a way to fit in with his stacked backcourt by doing a great job moving without the ball when he didn’t have it and did a great job keeping the ball moving when it was in his hands.' Randleman is the kind of kid that might finish with 8 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists, but was the best player on the court throughout.' Definitely earned my respect with the way he played today.

5’5 2021 Jarius Northam: Team Quest 15U

The 2nd piece of the stacked backcourt I mentioned earlier, Northam did a great job consistently finding his guys and putting them in their best opportunities to succeed.' He is a true PG, always looking for the best shot possible on any given possession with great body control when attacking the basket.' I love the way he competes and the way he held his demeanor throughout the contest.

6’4 2021 Leif Gjestvang-Lucky: Chapel Hill Bulldogs 15U

Other than his incredible name, Lief can really hoop, and did a great job getting buckets on the block while providing a lot of energy for his Bulldogs squad.' He has excellent footwork down low with an ability to hit a jump shot to 14 feet.' I like the way he brings spurts of confidence and energy to his group on both ends of the court.' He’s definitely a little undersized for his position, but he makes up for it with a ton of effort.

6’0 2021 Javonte Waverly: Tri County Thunder 15U

Waverly does everything you need a guard to do at this age level, with his ability to find his teammates, finish at the cup, and initiate offense.' I love the way he stays calm on both ends, trusting his length defensively, finding a way to pick off errant passes and turn them into easy buckets for his group.' He’s excellent when attacking the basket and definitely translates as a Point Guard to the next level.

6’2 2021 Ty Dawson: Capital City Vipers

Dawson is a stocky undersized wing that does a great job creating offense for himself on the break or in the half-court.' He defends multiple positions really well and really showcased his mid-range touch while avoiding settling for inefficient shots on the offensive end.' Dawson looks like a football player, but don’t mistake yourself, he more than just belongs on the basketball court.