The talent was rich in Rock Hill throughout Session 1 and Session 2 of the Phenom Summer Havoc. Storylines were developed all throughout but one that really seemed to capture my eyes was the production and talent from the bigs.  Here are just a few of the big men that captured my eyes all throughout the event and certainly should and will be priorities for college coaches of all levels.

2022 Patrick Wessler (CC Elite)

Wessler was pretty much dominant throughout the event and captured even more eyes with college coaches lining the baseline.  From when we first started watching him to where he is today, you can see that this 7-footer has put in the hours to now become one of the better bigs around the area.  It seems that he has put it all together. The footwork, the touch, the IQ, the rebounding, and shot-blocking… they are all there but one of the best things about his game is his ability to see the floor and find his teammates, something you don’t see enough with players his size.

2023 Brandon White (Team United)

All I could hear this weekend about White was that this young man has all the potential and upside in the world.  And you can see why with his 6’10, long and athletic frame.  Defensively, he can be that elite shot-blocker and rim protector, showing tremendous timing in blocking shots and never backing down when an opponent attacks.  Offensively, it seems that he is continuing to expand his game and feel, while still bringing such power and force at the rim. Had several bright moments all throughout the weekend.

2023 Gregory Jackson (CP3)

This is a young man that personally, was one of my favorites of the event. Such an incredibly nice person off the court, he absolutely brings it on the court. As far as potential, Jackson may top this list because his skillset, agility, mobility, and athleticism are all there in impressive fashion.  You can honestly have Jackson anywhere on the floor and he will be able to find success and makes such an impact on both sides of the floor.  Jackson is one of the most exciting players to watch down the road and could easily rise up even more in the national rankings.

2022 Jaxon Ellingsworth (Brand X)

Ellingsworth may not get the attention like the others do on this list but the 6’9 forward really captured a few eyes with his game.  He brings a nice athleticism and skill to the table with his size, showing a lot of upside that coaches could work with. Really liked his activity level down in the paint, battling on the boards, always getting a hand on balls, displaying nice touch, and showing his comfort level in popping out for his mid-range. He is one that doesn’t get the attention he deserves but should be one that earned a few more eyes his way.

2024 Isaiah Sutherland (CP3)

We have known Isaiah for quite some time and have always seen what the potential could be once he started to put it all together.  Well, at the Summer Havoc, we may have just seen the start, as the 6’9 big young big man really captured eyes with how strong he can be in the post and at the rim, his mobility all throughout the court, and just how skilled he is for a young man like his size.  And he may not still be done growing… We can see that if everything starts coming together, he gets stronger, and understands more of how big of an impact he can have on the floor, watch out because everything is going to start taking off for him.  And we got to see the start of it in Rock Hill.

2022 Lawrence Bartee (Next Level SC)

Once was a big man that many didn’t know but now, he is a coveted big for college coaches of multiple levels and he had another strong showing at the Summer Havoc.  Though he is still a developing big, you can see the flashes of what he could be at the end of his career and into college. Love his length and size, really making himself a long wall around the rim without fouling. Active also on the boards and likes to battle in the paint.  Add that on top of his comfort level with his mid-range jumper, there are a lot of factors that college coaches should like about him.