By: Kyree Bethel

2028 5'6 Bryce Ward- This kid is showing that he can score at all 3 levels at such a young age. He has a very quick first step and stays under control when attacking the basket. He keeps his team engaged during the game by being very vocal on both ends of the floor. He played the passing lanes very well getting multiple steals throughout the game. He doesn't lung for steals while playing defense, he is able to slide his feet and beat his man to the spot. Bryce is a star in the making, y'all better keep an eye out on this kid. I look forward to seeing what bright future he has. He finished with 17 points!'

2023 6'2 Jaylen Curry (Anthony Morrow Elite) – Jalyen is the best point guard at this tournament. He demonstrated that he can not be guarded every single time down the floor. He was involved in every single play either shooting the 3, attacking the basket with style, or throwing a lob to a teammate. What I love the most about Jaylen is his poise that he shows while playing. Despite how fast and shifty he is with the basketball he still never allows the defense to slow him down. He is always under control and plays with his head up looking to make that next pass for a dunk or three ball. He is a point guard I would love to play with and a desire that any coach would love to have.'

2024 6'5 Cameren Daniels (Wildcats Elite) – showed that he belongs today! He played outstanding basketball scoring at all three levels. His energy on the defensive end was unmatched! He forced players to take tough shots while guarding them. He stayed with active hands and rebound the basketball very well. Cameren is not a player that will 'wow' you with flashy plays but he makes the right play and is very sound offensively. He has a high motor and plays the game with so much passion. As a class of 2024, he has run to grow and be even better than what he showed today! I'm excited and can't wait to see more from Cameren!'

2024 6'0 Jaylen Wilkerson (All Carolina) has been showing that he can shot it from anywhere on the floor consistently! He has been a big help scoring the basketball by being an outside threat. He is very capable of putting the ball on the ground and attacking the basket as well finishing with either hand. He's is a smaller guard who plays bigger than his size. He has a lot of upside with his game and will continue to grow and get better. Jaylen confidence on the floor shooting is unmatched. He doesn't see a shot he don't like! Defensively he is very talkative and active. He shows good ball pressure, as well as being able to move his feet staying in front of his defender.

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