Atlanta All-Stars 17U

To start things off, a do it all type of guard, 6'4 Damion Rosser has shown time after time that he is able to play against any competition at a high level. Offensively, there isn't a single thing that Rosser can't do; he is a very nice creator for himself and others, can absolutely'light it up on all three levels. I was thoroughly impressed with his consistency over the course of Summer Havoc, there's no change in Rosser's play from game to game, runs a high-powered offense (for Atlanta) with ease. Blessed with a great basketball mind and the athletic ability to pair with it; he's quicker than opposing guards prepare for, and his ball handling is tight, allowing him to get going downhill in a hurry. He's got great size for the lead guard position, but is extremely effective off-ball too, can really put the defense in difficult spots, especially when he's the secondary ball handler. It's hard to pick anything apart from Rosser's efficient all-around play, he is committed to putting his nose down and doing anything to put his team in a winning position. Loved the promise he showed, quite excited to hear about his moves going forward.

I've been pretty open about the obvious growing need for shooting in today's basketball, especially at high levels, and 6'4 Colby Leifson is one of the most deadeye shooters around. Every game was another stage for him, never getting rattled and happy to have the spotlight on him. Leifson was one of the five best shooters from Summer Havoc, hands down; there were many great ones but he is simply elite. Opposing teams don't recognize how lethal he is until it's too late, and unfortunately there's nowhere to force him, as he is knockdown from anywhere. There were multiple games where Leifson hit five or more three-pointers. Aside from the shooting, he's still a terrific player; has a high IQ on both ends and really knows how to stay alert while always moving. His positioning makes him a better than average defender; has the ability to create a shot for himself and others with ease. Leifson certainly won't be available for long, so it would be wise for programs to start moving in on him soon.

Colorado Hawks 17U

Throughout Summer Havoc there were few players that displayed a better all-around game than 6'6 Shamiel Stevenson. There's really nothing Stevenson can't do; he's big, quick, versatile and has tremendous polish on both ends. Offensively, he's got three-level scoring ability and a really powerful off the bounce game. Can handle the ball in a pinch, but can play as big as the four in some lineups and guards each of them very well. Stevenson is definitely a plus defender, moves his feet well and displays his high IQ through pass anticipation, leading to easy points. Really strong rebounder on both ends; very athletic and it's evident in the way he plays. Although he's picked up plenty of buzz already, I have no doubts that it should continue with the consistent all-around play that Stevenson's displayed.

CP25 Southeast Elite/FBC 17U

There are plenty of pure scorers that will have the opportunity to the next level, but two-way basketball is far more appealing, that's just the case with 6'3 Romeo Crouch. While he is a lethal scorer, it's his incredibly high IQ that really impresses; shows on both ends of the floor with constant movement. Scores on three levels quite easily, haven't seen him take a shot he wasn't capable of draining. Has the ability to play either guard spot, and handle the ball, but certainly a better fit away from the ball where his scoring is always a danger to opposing defenses. As far as his defensive capabilities go, he's a solid defender, and can handle bigger guards with his really nice footwork and positioning; doesn't chase steals but still picks up a fair amount of them. His offense will make him easily noticed among spectators, but the defense and high IQ are what will set him apart from similar prospects. Look for Crouch to become more and more sought after as he rolls into his summer season.

To round things up, one of the most dominant players of Summer Havoc, 6'6 Tevin Brown. He scored on all three levels with elite efficiency and showed his sound form armed with a quick release. High IQ player and it shows through the countless ways Brown affects the game, even without the ball. Great defender, hounds his opponent and really has a great nose for steals; excels in the fast break game. Brown can play either guard position, despite playing more as the small forward during Summer Havoc; he plays at a high level when placed at any of those three positions. He doesn't have many holes within his game; very solid athleticism and even more skilled. Can't envision many coaches at the next level that wouldn't benefit tremendously from having Brown on their team.

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