This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled back to Rock Hill, South Carolina for the final live period of the summer. We hosted our Summer Havoc from Thursday to Sunday at Comenius, Catawba Ridge, and Nation Ford. There were over one hundred college coaches to walk through our doors and various players received offers across the event. This article will take a closer look at some of the most impressive prospects across the four days…

6’6 ’22 Jimeion Brown (1 Carolina)

1 Carolina was one of the most enjoyable teams to watch over the week; they played up two age groups and showcase a roster loaded with young talent. This team has a plethora of quality guards and wings, but Jimeion Brown was arguably their most impactful two-way performer. He’s long, wiry, and already possesses phenomenal defensive timing as a rebounder and rim-protector. Brown displays a nice feel for the game and is capable of bothering the opposition as the defensive anchor and interior scorer, despite a lack of true strength. He runs the floor well and makes smart decisions with the ball, knowing when to pass versus attack and finish. He’s already quite polished, but Brown should be regarded as a blossoming post prospect that will only continue to get better as he physically matures.


6’5 ’22 Wesley Tubbs (Charlotte Supreme)

There were a ton of impressive teams on display, but none quite as dominant as Charlotte Supreme. They are deep at every position, but Wesley Tubbs’ crossroads between productivity and long-term upside stood out above all else. He’s long, athletic, versatile, and plays with a chip on his shoulder, which should already have college coaches buzzing. However, Tubbs’ amount of skill is also quite impressive, especially for his age and size. He’s truly just beginning to scratch the surface, but already shows signs of an all-around skillset with the ability to handle the ball. Tubbs can post-up, attack from the wing, or operate without the ball. He looks to dunk everything in transition and is capable of putting the opposition on a poster with relative ease. Tubbs displays nice two-way instincts, particularly on defense, where he frequently glides around the floor for blocks and steals. Get familiar with the name, because Tubbs has the chance to be special.


6’6 ’22 Avion Pinner (Garner Road)

In terms of prospects that college coaches need to start tracking now, Avion Pinner has to be towards the top of the list. He’s long, smart, and smooth with a tremendous amount of skill, especially for his age and size. Pinner is a quality ball-handler with quality vision and creation skills, which makes him a walking mismatch for most opponents. He shoots the ball well from midrange and beyond the arc, but also showed the ability to make plays within paint. Pinner is a capable rebounder and versatile two-way wing/forward that possesses an incredible amount of upside. He could be poised for a big-time sophomore season, as he’s only going to get better over time.


6’8 ’21 Nicholas Boone (Garner Road Whitley)

There were many things to like with this Garner Road Whitley squad, from guard-play to team defense, but Nicholas Boone made an impression with his ability to protect the rim. He’s a long, wiry post prospect that possesses phenomenal defensive timing, which allowed him to continually accumulate blocked shots. Boone plays aggressively but also shows patience and discipline as a defender. He also ran the floor well and finished properly around the basket. Boone has a lot of upside, but there’s already a ton of appeal with his ability to rebound and protect the rim at a consistent level.


5’8 ’22 Quentin Rice (Team Hickory)

Something that really stood out at Summer Havoc was the amount of quality point guards on display, which certainly includes Quentin Rice. He’s slightly undersized in terms of height, but has a strong, muscular frame to pair with his impressive two-way skillset. Rice is smart, quick, and possesses an exceptional playmaking sense. He leads by example and through communication, and sets the tone on both ends of the floor with his unselfish, team-first mentality. Rice exemplifies what a true floor general is supposed to do. He’s a rugged defender that does a terrific job of eliminating operating space and forcing turnovers. Rice shoots the ball well from the perimeter and displays great craftiness when attacking the basket, both as a passer and finisher. He has all the tools to be an extremely exciting point guard for the foreseeable future, especially given his winning brand of basketball.