Jeff Bendel continues his team-by-team breakdown of the Summer Havoc

Team Rose

To start things off, 6'3 Elijah Joiner (2017) continually demanded the attention of countless coaches and for good reason. He was one of the best lead guards on display at Summer Havoc, had more grit and toughness than everyone else. The guy was on different heights as far as intensity goes, paired with his incredible poise and you've got one hungry player. Played every possession like it was the last, gets after every loose ball and hounds the opposition on defense; Joiner simply has the highest motor in the gym. Offensively, he looks to get to the basket off the drive often, and typically does, given his brute strength that allows him to bully opposing guards. He wants to, and frequently does, create off the dribble, especially for his teammates; displayed a formidable jumpshot from deep and a deadly one from midrange. Defense is another area where Joiner shines, he's Avery Bradley-like when it comes to harassing guards down the floor, circumstances that often resulted in steals turned into easy fast breaks. One-on-one there were very few guards that could challenge Joiner's defense, he dared them to dribble and feasted when they attempted to drive. High IQ also, has all the tools mentally and physically to be a very nice player at the next level. The only question remaining is where will that fall for Joiner'

His teammate, 6'3 Dwayne Rose Jr, (2017) was the only other truly consistent scorer for this team and he did it by way of his high-level athleticism. A constant threat to score, he is a player defenders simply cannot take their eyes off or they'll find him scoring before they can react. Really thrives in transition, where his ability to effortlessly rise is highlighted through dunks and pull-ups that can't be contested. Somewhat of a streaky shooter but still has the capability to score from all three levels. When Rose is engaged, he plays with great intensity and really gets after it on both ends. Defensively, his length helps him force turnovers through passing lanes and pickpocketing the ball handler. Shows nice IQ away from the ball on offense, zones will allow him open jumpers and man defense usually result in backdoor cuts. Should be interesting going into his senior season, definitely an intriguing player to watch.

Team Corey Brewer (WACG)

One of the most unique players from Summer Havoc, he caught the eye of many and had college coaches lined up to see his team, 6'1 Grayson Murphy (2017). High IQ guard, has a tremendous feel for the game and understands how to contort defenses at will. Offensively, Murphy is phenomenal at taking a defender off the dribble and making his way to the basket for layups or easy drop-off passes. Incredibly crafty, especially through traffic; has a knack for threading flashy passes through the needle, but does it so casually that the opposition truly doesn't expect it. Was a walking double-double (points, assists)'throughout Summer Havoc and it really put his team in great positions to win games. Possesses the ability to score on all three levels quite well, but chooses to do most of his work inside the three-point line, where he is lethal when it comes to creating open looks for himself or others. Defensively Murphy is strong, displays phenomenal positioning, is way quicker than opposing teams expect. Picks up steals and can do it in a hurry, ready to run the fast break anytime, as it almost always ends in points when Murphy leads the break. He was another high-level player that got a ton of exposure over the event, buzz should continue to rise for Murphy.

Do-it-all big men are a rarified species in today's basketball, but 6'8 Caleb Hollander (2017) was exactly that during Summer Havoc. He was one of a mere handful of guys that could score on all three levels frequently while leading the game in rebounds or blocks. Really mobile for a big man, knows how to hurt defenses, especially with his shooting and off-ball movement. Runs the floor really well, doesn't have any shortage of size or athletic ability to compete against next-level big men. Looks comfortable around the perimeter on both ends; can go off the dribble easily against opposing big men on offense but doesn't give an inch from the three-point line to the basket defensively. Very high IQ, gets to spots with precise timing, never a second too early or late; that type of meticulousness is what really sets Hollander apart from many similar prospects. Strong rebounder, great at boxing out and using his position to snatch every rebound in sight; has the ability to dribble up the floor and even finish the possession from time to time. Hollander is a really nice two-way big, can do anything asked of him on either end, will make a quality program very happy next fall.

Atlanta Lightning

Rounding off this part, a point-guard that did everything possible to keep his team in games, 5'10 Darius Hogan (2017). Offensively, he can torch defenses that don't make him a priority; hits the three-pointer with great regularity and even greater range. No spot is out of Hogan's range, there were a few that I watched him pull two steps in from half-court and drain them without the slightest touch of rim. Opposing teams are quick to assume that he won't be able to hurt them, and he does time after time. He's a willing passer and often utilizes his jumpshot to create open looks for others. Hogan is very fast and very quick, has no issues speeding up and down the floor in transition; adds a nice change of pace with the ball in his hands. Defensively, he's active and tends to get his hands on the ball one way or another. Few spectators found themselves unimpressed with Hogan by Summer Havoc's end, interested to see how much he adds to surround his long range shooting in the coming season.