Who were some of the standouts for PHR Analyst Jeff Bendel at Summer Havoc

Arkansas Hawks 15U

First, a really intriguing big man that is already bullying the opposition down low is 6'8 Kalin Bennett. He is a thick 6'8 and is just way bigger than everyone else at his age; it's kind of incredible to imagine what he's projected to grow into over the next two or three years. Right now, he's strictly a rebounder and low post defender, but that's fine seeing as he will certainly add offensive polish. As a rebounder, he's very strong on both ends, but has unmatched strength on the glass; gets most of his points by way of putback or filling the lane. His game will blossom as he progresses through high school, but definitely not a name coaches should forget about.

Next, 6'6 Airion Simmons was the other big man in this system; and while he lacks the size like Bennett, the polish is there. Simmons is also a bully down low compared to his peers, but possesses really nice feel that allows him to take advantage of soft defense. He has a little jumper that can range out to midrange with consistency but even showed off a few three-pointers during Summer Havoc. Glass eater, gets rebounds on both ends; solid, active defender, can really petrify guys driving to the basket when he's in their path. Has a solid IQ and moves really well for his size; is certainly set to keep growing.

Last for this team was a player that really stayed in my mind the entire weekend, 6'5 Kamren Davis. For starters, he began the tournament with a 36-point performance, took no three-pointers and really just dominated the old school way. Davis has elite size for the way he will continue to play as he grows; has both the height and fill on his frame. There are few players, especially of the 2019 class, that can bend and warp defenses like he can. While he might not be a top tier passer, his scoring outbursts open the floor for his teammates to have extremely high-quality looks. He's a natural wing, and will probably remain that as long as he plays; elite level rebounder and athleticism, can already play above the rim. Davis handled the ball quite a bit with no issues since he's a high IQ player, but is destined to play away from the ball. Massive upside follows this young man, as he can do no wrong when he's clicking.

Mint Hill Lakers

The combination of polish and skill is very evident in 6'7 Josiah Dow, as he didn't have any issues putting opposing post players to shame. Dow led his team in scoring and rebounds over this event, and displayed a wide array of moves on offense, both facing up and with his back to the basket. Knows how to utilize his size and length against others, on both ends; can score when he chooses on offense and really pushes opposing offenses away from the basket. High IQ player, more so on defense, where his impact is easily noticeable. Isn't thin, has a nice frame, but would still benefit from bulking it up as time goes on. His coordination and just general feel for the game is outstanding at his age, possesses really nice natural instincts. He's a 2020 prospect, so his freshman year hasn't even begun yet, something worth watching as he continues to grow and climb the boards.

Louisville Magic

Lastly, 6'2 Bryce Long killed teams throughout the event with his silky-smooth stroke from all over the floor. If he is allowed to set his feet and then catch the ball, it's already a basket; he showed the ability to do more than just catch and shoot, as he sprinkled in plenty of different looks from three, including off the bounce. Can play either guard position, especially if he grows a little bit more, but already has the feel and high IQ to run an offense with no issues. Better ball handler than defenses want to give him credit for. Long spaces the floor quite well, doesn't have a favorite 'spot' from behind the arc, making him more lethal that opposing defenses realize until it's too late. Stays active without the ball in his hands; defensively shows great position despite not having the elite athletic tools. High IQ players, especially sound shooters, will always find their place at the next level; if Long continues to build on his strong showing then it would be hard to imagine him not playing at the next level.