Immediately after our Phenom HS Jam Fest concluded in Greensboro, North Carolina, we headed to Columbia, South Carolina for our second session. The turnout was excellent, featuring teams from three states, and some of the top teams from the Palmetto-state. This article will dive into the most valuable prospects on my court throughout the Jam Fest.

6'4 '19 Chico Carter Jr. (Cardinal Newman)
The ability to take over and dominate a game is something that very few players are able to do at the high school level, well, except Chico Carter Jr. This was one of my first viewings of the Team Charlotte point guard, and he was truly exceptional. Right after picking up a St. Louis offer, Carter stepped into Ridge View's gym on Saturday and destroyed everyone. He can simply do it all on the hardwood, and for a big-bodied point guard, that leaves no holes within his skillset. Carter's passing and scoring display was something special. One could certainly pose the argument for Carter to be five or six spots higher on our South Carolina rankings, and they wouldn't be wrong. He was simply unstoppable in all facets of the game, and it's hard to match the efficiency, intelligence, and all-around play of Carter. He definitely has what it takes to thrive at the next level and beyond, it'll just be interesting to see how Cardinal Newman fares this season.

6'3 '21 Joshua Beadle (Cardinal Newman)
There is always a blend of potential and productivity in these high school prospects, but it's beginning to become increasingly clear that Joshua Beadle an incredible mix of the two. Right now, Beadle is capable of scoring efficiently on all three levels, and he loves getting downhill and finishing with his left. He's maintains a calm demeanor, but is a killer on the inside and takes pride in ripping apart the opposition. Beadle is a lockdown defender with the potential to become more versatile on that end of the floor, but already stands his ground quite well. Like his teammate Carter, Beadle truly doesn't have any holes within his skillset either, which is why he should be coveted across the country by high-level D1 programs.

6'2 '20 Dallan Wright (Saluda)
No player did more for their individual recruitment on Tuesday than Dallan Wright, the heart and soul of this Saluda squad. This team lacks true size, so Wright does almost all of their dirty work. He plays 1-though-5 for Saluda, checking the biggest opposing player on defense and then handling the ball full-time on the other end. One could argue that Wright was more valuable to Saluda than anyone else to their respective program. He shot the ball really well throughout the day, showcasing his ability to consistently score a lofty amount of points while maintaining a strong level of accuracy. Wright has great vision and does an incredible job as the two-way leader on this squad. His recruitment is almost guaranteed to trend upwards, so we'll see which school is the first to contact Wright.

6'8 '21 Cesare Edwards (Hartsville)
There were many important takeaways from our Jam Fest Session II, including the beginning of Cesare Edwards' quiet rise to stardom. Many people are still quite uninformed about the 6-foot-8 combo forward from Hartsville, but he's certainly on our radar as a big-time prospect that should have great success at the next level. Edwards looks very old-school, but his game is the definition of modern. He has a special mix of size and shooting, but add in his shot-blocking abilities, and you've got a very intriguing player in Edwards. He's still growing into his body, but Edwards is surprisingly bouncy and has the upside of a tremendous two-way player. When everyone else quit, the forward could be found sprinting up and down the floor, trying to save any possessions he could. The next year should be the opening of what could be an amazing recruitment process for Edwards.

6'5 '22 Julian Phillips (Blythewood)
The prospects in the Class of 2021 were well=represented at this event, but in terms of guys who are rising freshmen, Julian Phillips was easily the most impressive. At a true 6-foot-5, Phillips is a walking mismatch and has the necessary perimeter skills to consistently make plays. That being said, he's still very young and will need some time to develop his physical maturity. Phillips has a pretty intriguing skillset, given his long-bodied stature and level of effectiveness on both ends of the floor. Time will be very telling of how strong Phillips can become as a prospect, because he's just beginning to scratch the surface.