6'11 '19 Malcolm Wilson (Ridge View)
There wasn't a single prospect more visually-striking than Malcolm Wilson, the 6-foot-11 big man from the heart of Columbia. He entered this event with more Division I offers than anyone else and for good reason, since he possesses an elite skill: shot-blocking. Wilson is great at patrolling the paint and protecting the rim, but adding lower-body strength is going to be a necessity at the next level. Offensively, he utilizes his length around the basket, but has considerable upside if he can become more efficient as a midrange scorer. Wilson has so many tools that could make him a special player, but he'll need to continue to expand his confidence before making that leap.

6'1 '19 Walyn Napper (Ridge View)
The Ridge View squad was without one of their best players in Crosby James, but his absence only led to an uptick in play from Walyn Napper. The combo-guard has been gradually making the necessary steps towards becoming a point guard, and looked pretty strong in this setting. He's somewhat of a natural scorer, but made a concerted effort to create for others throughout the day. Napper scores pretty well from all three levels and plays with a nice change of pace, specifically with the ball in his hands. He displayed strong vision and attacked the basket well in transition; it'll be interesting to see how he progresses going forward.

6'6 '19 Daniel Finney-Smith (AC Flora)
The AC Flora team was without their star big man, Patrick Iriel, but that allowed Daniel Finney-Smith to frequently attack the glass on both ends of the floor. It was somewhat easy for him to make an impact, especially as the most athletic player on the floor. At 6-foot-6, and built with a muscular frame, few opponents are able to stop Daniel-Finney inside the paint because of his absolute relentlessness. He fights for every rebound and instills fear in opponents once he gets downhill and heading toward the rim. There are a variety of college programs that should be tracking Finney-Smith throughout the next six to eight months.

6'1 '21 Robert McClay (AC Flora)
There were so many intriguing prospects in the building, but few players with more promise than Robert McClay of AC Flora. He came ready to play, displaying an extremely high motor and strong IQ on both sides of the ball. As previously mentioned, they were without Iriel, so it led to McClay breaking out as one of their leaders. He consistently forced turnovers and pushed the break in transition, where he showed finishing and passing capabilities. McClay also scored efficiently from all three levels in the half-court sets. This was one of our first viewings seeing the 6-foot-1 guard in a major role on this AC Flora team, and he was very impressive. McClay is certainly one to watch in a loaded 2021 class.

6'2 '19 Trae Hannibal (Hartsville)
The newly committed South Carolina Gamecock entered this event as one of the most exciting prospects in the state. On one hand, Hannibal followed through and put on the high-flying, three-level scoring arsenal that we've come to know. On the other, Hartsville struggled to compete with opponents of equal level. Hannibal scored the ball so effortlessly and drew more fouls than anyone else in attendance. He has as much talent as any guard in South Carolina, but Hannibal will need to emerge as a leader on this team if they want to enjoy success next season. There are some questions about his motor and ability to defend, but there should be optimism about his progression and growth, especially under the tutelage of Frank Martin.