This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled to Queens University for our annual June team camp, which featured an incredible amount of talent from various different pockets of the region. College coaches were in the building and kids got seen by a variety of different programs at the D2, D3, and JUCO levels. This article will take a closer look at some of the most impressive performers from over the weekend'


6'4 '20 Kalib Matthews (Henderson Collegiate)

This list would be impossible to form without Kalib Matthews, given his consistently high level of play throughout the weekend. It seems like each time we see Matthews, we get something new from his deep two-way arsenal. He opened up the weekend in absolutely dominant fashion, doing literally everything possible to impact the game and leading the team in nearly every statistical category. Matthews is a true three-level scorer that can reliably create for himself (or others) off the dribble while also posing a major cutting and spot-up threat. He attacked the basket with efficiency and frequency, often playing well above the rim for dunks and alley-oops. While his offense was exceptional all weekend, it was his defense and rebounding that made the most lasting impression. Matthews rebounded the ball like a big man throughout the weekend, regardless of competition, and showcased his ability to seamlessly switch across three to four positions at this level. It's really only a matter of time before Matthews starts stacking up scholarship offers.


6'0 '20 Anthony Allen (Independence)

In many ways, Anthony Allen was the most impressive performer at Phenom Team Camp. It would be difficult to find any negative qualities within his game, given that he's such a complete two-way presence. Allen possesses a blend of IQ, leadership, and dog-like intensity that is simply unparalleled by anyone else in North Carolina, which is a big part of what makes him a special talent. Offensively, he can do it all. Allen is a poised three-level scorer with range, consistency, and the ability to mix it up whenever he desires. He has a tight handle and sharp vision, which allows him to operate as the primary creator with any group of teammates. Allen controls the tempo well and does a phenomenal job of setting the tone on both ends of the floor. He's an absolute menace on defense, given how reliably he's able to mirror his assignment through quick feet and pristine positioning. Allen is an excellent all-around athlete that is blindingly quick, extremely fast in transition, and a threat to dunk on anyone. He checks every box, both physically and in terms of skill, and should see a massive uptick in his recruitment.


6'10 '20 Javarzia Belton (Moravian Prep)

There's so much to be excited about with Moravian Prep, especially with how Javarzia Belton has been developing. Everyone should already know about the strong-bodied big man, considering his physical dominance and clear significance to this program. For those who don't, Belton is gearing up to become even better than before. He's maintained his next-level frame and strength, but has become noticeably more fluid with his movements, both laterally and when running the floor. Belton really understands and embraces his identity, which is what makes him nearly impossible to stop for opposing big men. When he catches the ball near the basket, Belton is looking to rip off the rim and dunk it on anyone in sight. He's also improved his overall feel for the game, displaying improved counters and kick-out instincts in the post. Belton appears to continue trending upward and could collect another five to ten Division I offers by the start of next season.


6'1 '20 Andrew Shull (Chapmanville)

Since our Carmel Christian Tip-Off Classic, the Chapmanville Tigers have quietly gone about their business and secured their second-straight West Virginia state championship without skipping a beat. Most of the attention immediately goes to Obinna Killen, but Andrew Shull is arguably the heart and soul of this team. For starters, Shull is a true floor general whose primary focus is to get his teammates involved. He's such a steady, reliable presence with the ball in his hands, given how well he reads the floor and values each possession. Shull is smart, quick, and pretty crafty, which allows him to dictate the offensive action very effectively. He scores the ball with excellent efficiency from all three levels, but is simply unbelievable from the midrange area. Shull truly possesses one of the most accurate midrange pull-up jumpers in the entire region. When he decides to stop-and-pop, defenders are simply left in the dust and struggle to affect his shot. It's somewhat shocking that Shull doesn't have more action within his recruitment, but that'll likely change over the next calendar year, especially if he keeps performing at a high level.


5'9 '21 Jordan McPhatter (Butler)

Sometimes in basketball, there are just certain prospects that are going to be universally liked by everyone, and that describes Jordan McPhatter incredibly well. Folks that don't absolutely love McPhatter's approach and skillset do not appreciate the game of basketball. He's somewhat undersized, but as smart, exciting, and electric as they come. McPhatter is the type of player that will prove doubters wrong, because his effectiveness simply never wavers. He's a pass-first point guard with elite craftiness and playmaking ability, always looking to manipulate the defense and set up his teammates. McPhatter is a brilliant, highly deceptive passer that sees the entire floor at all times. There isn't an angle or pass outside of his comfort zone. That being said, McPhatter is more than just a set-up artist, as he can reliably apply scoring pressure from all three levels whenever necessary. He's the type of high-quality person that a coach should want to lead his team, as he exudes leadership and a winner's mentality. It's still early in his recruitment process, but coaches should trust their eye with a talent like McPhatter.