This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled to Rock Hill, South Carolina for Session II of our Phenom Team Camp. Both sessions were absolutely overflowing with talent, even with other noteworthy events taking place within the Carolinas. This article will take a closer look at some of the most impressive standouts across the three days'.(Read Part One)

6'6 '20 Justin Thomas (Village Christian)

This Village Christian team is incredibly intriguing, but it doesn't take long to realize how special Justin Thomas can become. At 6-foot-6, Thomas is a walking mismatch, especially given his ability to really score the ball at a high level from all three levels. He possesses IQ, length, and an ideal frame for a high-level wing at the collegiate level. Thomas has a beautiful jumper with nice mechanics and consistently shows the ability to create for himself off the bounce. He's an excellent athlete (both laterally and vertically) that plays well above the rim whenever possible. Thomas is also quite versatile on both ends of the floor and can actively play three different positions at the high school level. It's unsurprising that he's beginning to get ACC-level offers, but it is somewhat shocking that he currently only holds four (ECU, George Mason, St. Bonaventure, and Georgia Tech). Thomas should become a hot commodity over the coming months, especially if he continues to perform at such a dominant level.


5'10 '21 Greg Brockington (Ashbrook)

There were a lot of quality scorers in attendance, but Greg Brockington was arguably the most impressive of the group. He's a blindingly-quick lead guard that was simply unstoppable on the offensive end of the floor. Each time the ball was in his hands, Brockington was able to make decisive decisions and get wherever he desired on the court. He's a definite three-level scorer that regularly mixes it up and applies pressure in a variety of different ways. Brockington shoots extremely well from the perimeter and attacks the basket hard, where he's able to finish reliably with either hand. He has a tight handle, great feel for the game, and is capable of making plays for others at a solid rate. Brockington also made a noteworthy impact on defense, especially as an on-ball defender, and forced numerous steals with his quick hands. It's early and he's still young, but Brockington appears to be a clear college-level prospect.


6'3 '21 Janyle Pittman (Lancaster)

In terms of sheer productivity, no player stood out more than Janyle Pittman. He was simply remarkable in each of Lancaster's showings over the weekend. Pittman is slightly undersized, yet dominates guys that are bigger/stronger on a pretty frequent basis, mainly due to his nonstop motor and fantastic two-way aggression. He's almost always inch-for-inch the best two-way rebounder on the floor, given how well he positions himself, clears out space, and secures the ball with both hands. Pittman is an excellent all-around athlete with great vertical explosion and nice defensive versatility. He can legitimately switch and contain three to four positions comfortably on defense while forcing more than his fair share of turnovers. It might not always be pretty, but Pittman is undeniably effective and the type of winner that every program should covet. He's only going to get better over the next two seasons, which should have an abundance of college coaches buzzing.


6'7 '20 John Rogers (TL Hanna)

The second session of Phenom Team Camp featured numerous high-level post prospects, but John Rogers was possibly the most polished of them all. He's a poised, strong-bodied big man that turned out to be an absolute bucket-getter for this TL Hanna squad. Rogers is an exceptional offensive threat, given his ability to reliable operate from either block, the high post, or beyond the arc, and apply pressure. He has a terrific post arsenal, featuring touch and a nice array of moves with either hand, and dependably scored the ball against any opponent. That being said, Rogers really started to dominate the game upon stepping out past the three-point line and hitting a considerable amount of three-pointers. He has a very fluid jumper with great setup ability, which allows him to catch-and-shoot before opponents can even closeout. Rogers also moved quite well defensively, showing his usefulness as a rim-protector and pick-and-roll defender. It'll be interesting to see where he ends up, as Rogers definitely has a place at the next level.


6'0 '20 Kobe Funderburk (Harding University)

There's so much to like about this Harding University team, especially with Kobe Funderburk as their primary veteran presence. He's a smart, well-rounded lead guard that simply excels at getting buckets. Funderburk has been the most consistent scoring option for this team throughout the last two weeks, creating off the bounce, applying pressure from all levels, and dictating the offensive action quite effectively. He leads well on offense and understands how to get others involved with his craftiness and vision. Funderburk is the most efficient in transition, but has no issue carving out scoring chances in the half-court. He's a quality all-around defender that plays pretty tough and rugged from start to finish. As a rising senior, Funderburk should be one of the most productive guys on this team and could start garnering attention from various college coaches in the process.