This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled to Queens University for our annual June team camp, which featured an incredible amount of talent from various different pockets of the region. College coaches were in the building and kids got seen by a variety of different programs at the D2, D3, and JUCO levels. This article will take a closer look at some of the most impressive performers from over the weekend…(Read Part One)


6’7 ’20 Nic McMullen (Smith)

The Golden Eagles have the chance to be incredibly successful next season behind guys like Silas Mason, Khalid Hinds, Jordan Williams, and fast-rising big man Nic McMullen. He’s accrued nearly ten offers over the last month and looks prepared to garner even more going forward. McMullen displayed noticeably improved footwork and touch with his off-hand, but still maintained his game-changing motor, intensity, and aggression—which are what separates him from similar prospects. When he’s fighting and outworking guys near the basket, McMullen shows signs of being unstoppable, because he’s just so strong and finishes almost anything he attempts. He’s an excellent two-way rebounder that causes destruction on the offensive glass, as he’s able to secure extra possessions and second-chance points as well as anyone. McMullen gets off the ground quickly, especially for his size, and has a fantastic second and third jump. He runs the floor hard and is athletic enough to throw down an array of powerful dunks. Expect McMullen’s recruitment to continue trending upward, given how impressive he’s been over the last few months.


6’4 ’20 Isaiah Hairston (Greater Beckley Christian)

The Greater Beckley Christian program traveled from West Virginia and made a pretty strong impression with their showing at Phenom Team Camp. They were a very balanced team, but Isaiah Hairston was arguably their most intriguing prospect on the roster. He’s a big, strong-bodied forward that caused a ton of matchup problems with his offensive versatility. Hairston showed his ability to score the ball in a variety of different ways and has the necessary ball skills to create for himself or others in a pinch. He scored the ball effectively from anywhere inside the arc, including the low block, and showed signs of a formidable three-point shot. Hairston is probably somewhat undersized, but is an obvious matchup problem, which should ultimately allow him to contribute at the next level.


6’5 ’20 Nygell Verdier (Independence)

In terms of rising seniors, Nygell Verdier should be a relatively under-the-radar name that should have scholarship-holding coaches extremely excited. He’s a well-rounded wing prospect with an excellent frame and the ability to consistently impact the game on both ends of the floor. Verdier is a knockdown three-point shooter that thrives as a spot-up threat, but also displays nice creation skills and a quality overall feel for the game. He’s athletic and poses a major all-around threat in transition, given his three-level scoring and ability to draw defensive attention without the ball in his hands. Verdier is a reliable defender with great positioning, versatility, and anticipation instincts, which allow him to contain three positions comfortably at the high school level. One should expect this entire Independence team to pick up offers going forward, but Verdier could be the underrated piece that truly breaks out in the college ranks.


6’3 ’21 Amare Haynie (A.L. Brown)

In all honesty, more folks should be talking about A.L. Brown as title contenders for the upcoming season, especially since Amare Haynie appears to be hitting his stride at the perfect time. He’s always displayed the tools and intensity, especially on defense, but is beginning to show flashes of pure dominance. Haynie is an extremely long, wiry guard prospect that plays with an exceptional motor and simply creates havoc with his on-court presence. He has a strong IQ and understands how to properly assert himself as a tone-setter on both ends of the floor. Haynie handles the ball and creates well for himself, but also showcases sharp vision and is capable of making crafty passes to his teammates. He’s an efficient three-level scorer with fantastic all-around athleticism, which makes him a constant threat for dunks and alley-oops. As productive as he is on offense, Haynie’s defensive prowess seems to always stand out above all else. He can really sit down, defend the point of attack, and force a ton of turnovers through his length and quick feet. Haynie is a great leader, communicator, and someone that every coach will want on their team sooner than later.


6’3 ’22 Sam Cogan (Lincoln Charter)

The young, new-look Lincoln Charter team is going to be very exciting to watch progress over the coming years, especially with Sam Cogan as a primary option. He’s the type of guy that opponents don’t typically expect to get torched by, yet he’s proven himself as an absolute gamer time and again against all levels of competition. Cogan gets better when the lights are brightest and all eyes are on him, which is where many players crumble. He’s a smart, very well-rounded guard prospect that can operate as a tough off-ball threat or the main creator for an efficient offense. The lefty is a reliable scorer from all levels, but arguably the most effective when attacking the basket and showcasing his surprising burst of explosiveness at the rim. Cogan possesses that patented Team Charlotte toughness and it’s quite evident with his approach to the game, especially on defense. He communicates and places a pretty strong emphasis on affecting various facets of the game. Cogan is young, but it’s easy to see the talent and what he can become in the long run, which is why college coaches should start tracking him now.