6'4 '20 Austin Allison (Q6 All-Stars)

The Q6 All-Stars were one of the most entertaining teams on display throughout our showcase session of Summer Havoc, and for good reason, since they have a team full of scholarship-worthy guys. Most of the attention gets directed to Jonathan Lawrence, but Austin Allison is as vital to this team as anyone on the roster. The wing prospect really knows how to navigate on the basketball floor, either with or without the ball, and find success. Offensively, Allison is quite a versatile player, given his ability to handle the ball, create his own shot, and score in bunches. He displays an exceptional IQ and overall feel for the game on both ends of the floor. The most surprising thing about Allison is his maturity and skillset are both very advanced, but somehow he's the youngest player on this team. Although most of the buzz has surrounded his teammates, Allison has done an excellent job as an overqualified glue-guy for this squad.


6'7 '20 Zach Shumate (Hoop State Elite Rexrode)

There are a lot of different perspectives when it comes to scouting or any type of player evaluation. However, anyone who doesn't enjoy watching Zach Shumate perform doesn't genuinely appreciate the game of basketball. He is a true junkyard dog who really commits to all the little things in order to gain an edge. Shumate is inch-for-inch one of the top rebounders around, and he gets it done on both ends of the floor consistently. He's not particularly bouncy or explosive, but Shumate knows how to get the job done and has done a quality job of expanding his offensive arsenal out to the perimeter. Few players have been able to match his two-way instincts, especially on the glass. Whenever Shumate plays well, this team is difficult to beat.


6'4 '19 Asanti Price (Team Vision-NC)

In terms of boosting their stock, no player has done more for his recruitment at Summer Havoc than Asanti Price. The two-way wing can quietly pile up points on all three levels, and has the ability to generate shots for himself, but his strongest area of attack remains inside the arc. Price is long and fairly athletic, and really knows how to punish opponents in transition, which makes him even more difficult to contain. Offensively, Price showcased his upside as a scorer, but also made nice plays for others whenever possible. On the other end, he's able to defend two or three positions comfortably at this level. Price is quite intriguing and should be receiving looks from a majority of the college coaches at the Upward Stars Center.


6'0 '20 Justin Wright (Team Loaded)

There have been so many talented guards on display, but one could argue that Justin Wright was above them all. The point guard doesn't jump off the page in terms of measurements or look, but his talent level is very high, especially on this Loaded squad. Wright plays like a savvy veteran, conducting the offensive flow exceptionally well while consistently making intelligent decisions with the ball. He rarely forces the action and maintains an incredibly low assist-turnover ratio as a result. That being said, Wright is very decisive and will not hesitate to take over in the scoring department, which he frequently does on all three levels. On the other end, he has showcased the ability to get stops and force turnovers at a pretty high rate. He plays with a calm demeanor, but make no mistake, Wright is a tough dude who will do anything to put his team in a winning position.


6'8 '20 Jefferson Boaz (Hoop State Elite 2020)

There has been a lot of size in Upward Stars Center during the showcase session, but few guys can match the unique skillset of Jefferson Boaz. The big man is a three-sport athlete, but it's pretty clear that he has legitimate talent on the hardwood. Boaz stands at a stocky 6-foot-8 and provides incredible versatility to both ends of the floor. Offensively, he is capable of scoring from anywhere on the floor, including the high or low post, and operates with great patience. Boaz is an exceptional passer and ball-handler for his size, but his ability to push in transition is something that similar guys simply cannot do. He plays hard on both ends of the floor and excels in the rebounding department. As polished as Boaz already is, he still has a ton of upside left to harness. He will certainly be one to watch through July, since his stock could see a boost sooner or later.